It is just starting to really get a nip in the air when you walk outside! Winter officially begins next week. Come early 2017 and beyond, people will be itching to travel. Whether that means heading South to get away from the cold weather, or even embracing the bitterness and bundling up to take it all in, 2017 brings the travel bug after the craziness of the holidays have left us. For corporate marketers, that means it’s time to think ahead and act now. We’ve pulled together the hottest corporate branded apparel trends that you can order now and use in early 2017 to give as gifts to clients, prospects or employees that will remember your brand throughout their adventures!


j787_skydiverbluegreysteel_flat_front Outdoor Casual:

Get your branding on men’s outerwear like this trendy soft shell jacket that both warms and moves the way he wantsgray_snow_pants it. Paired with these winter snow pants, it’s the perfect outdoor outfit for snowshoeing, skiing or exploring nature!


floral_pantsGet Tropical:

Brighten up winter with fun colors like these midnight tropical trends. Women will love getting branded l787_pinkazaleagreysteel_flat_frontapparel that also brightens their day and they can use on vacation, hiking, exploring or exercising!



413017_black_angle_leftGet them out the door with a branded travel bag like this luggage that can be filled to the brim and also easily rolled around as they run through the airport to catch their plane! This makes a perfect corporate gift that they can also use for business trips throughout the year.


Keep them warm or the sun out of their face with a wide range of hat options that you can brand with your corporate logo! For a relatively low price point, hathats are the perfect option to give away to anyone that you want to remember your brand – and you can stock up on these for the 2017 tradeshow season!


Interested in learning more? Contact us today to discuss 2017 branded apparel options!

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