While the conventional wisdom is not to judge a book by its cover, and to worry more about what’s inside than outside, when it comes to making a statement with a gift, the opposite is true. How you present your giveaways – from freebies at events to high-end corporate holiday gifts – makes a huge difference in their “wow” factor, brand perception and the chances that your item will get noticed above all the rest of the clutter.But how do you wrap a gift to create the kind of excitement that it deserves? That’s where custom packaging comes in.

Custom packaging provides incredible flexibility to create the exact type of presentation you want. So how can custom packaging work for your corporate gifts and promotional products? Here are some ideas:

Branded Gift Bags

If you’re packaging up a gift, an inexpensive but put-together look is a branded gift bag. These come in a variety of sizes, colors and style, but much like a few coordinated accessories in an outfit, they pull the whole gift together. They provide you with the opportunity to tuck in a note, card, collateral material or other item alongside the gift or promotional item, so they’re perfect for goody bags or sets of items. Top it all of with tissue paper in your brand color for a fully coordinated look.

Product Packaging

Utilizing either folded cardboard boxes or corrugated cardboard, we often help clients create stunning product packaging for their brand. The product packaging is so important: it’s your first opportunity create excitement and an impression of what’s inside. Our creative team works hand-in-hand with our production team to develop packaging that’s engaging and captures the feel of the brand.

VIP Kits

Holding an event? Sending out information to media? These are people who likely get dozens of products or packages every week, so making yours stand out is essential. A variety of tools, from boxes to point board envelopes to simple labels, can create an attention-grabbing presentation for whatever is inside. The important thing is for the recipient to open the box, so creating something interesting is essential here.

High-End Gift Presentations

Sending your top clients a gift worth several hundred dollars? What do they think when they open a plain brown box and styrofoam peanuts fly out all over their office carpet? Make the outside packaging match the quality of the gift inside to create an exciting experience from start to finish. We can help create slick custom packaging, or even packaging with video incorporated, to achieve this high-end gift experience.

Thank You or Awareness Campaigns

If you’re sending out information for awareness or to thank someone, it’s so important to break through the clutter they see on their desk every day. One great way to do this is via┬ácustom packaging mailers. Cardboard envelopes or thick, heavy cardstock with a creative exterior or interesting way of opening can be a great way to capture the attention of your recipient.

custom tags for apparel

Clothing Tags

If you’re giving away branded apparel or other items that lend themselves to tags, custom packaging is the perfect opportunity to add another touch. While the apparel will speak to your brand in general, most likely, you can add a tag with a specific marketing message, call to action, contact information or any other relevant details. The tag becomes a natural part of the giveaway and a great opportunity to maximize your opportunity to get your message out.

While what’s inside is important, what’s outside matters. If you’re working to figure out how to make your gifts, campaigns, marketing materials, samples, products or promotional products stand out, get in touch with us about our custom packaging options and let us get creative with your presentation.

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