When marketers are spending money on promotional products, one of the big questions we get is how we can get creative to make each of those dollars make an impact in a sea of free t-shirts, thumb drives and mugs. While we believe a good, high-quality promotional product speaks for itself, we’re always on the lookout for ways to take it up a notch and are loving this unique promotional product: book packaging.

Book packaging is fully branded from the outside in. It looks like a small book with your branding and messaging, but acts like a container for whatever you’d like to put in. One cool use is packaging t-shirts, which can often be unwieldy and unattractive (no one wants to hand out a crumpled piece of clothing at a trade show!). By utilizing a book style packaging, the t-shirt is neatly and compactly handled and you get an extra opportunity to brand the item through the box.

We also love including promotional items and collateral in the box, allowing you to package up everything in one presentation instead of handing out separate pieces of marketing materials.

Plus, by utilizing book packaging, you have more real estate for branding and messaging than you might have on a promotional item, which is likely just providing space for your logo. You’re also more likely to get attention. The packaging works much like a gift: the recipient is compelled to open it, check it out, and give it a few minutes as opposed to throwing it into a pile or bag and forgetting about it.

Other creative items we’ve seen (and loved!) inside book packaging include:

  • A custom branded puzzle: Bonus points if there’s a mystery message to be seen when you put it together!)
  • Thumb drives: This is the perfect way to keep an easily lost promotional item safe and break out from the swag bag clutter
  • Mailers: You can actually mail the book packaging, which makes it an awesome way to send swag, invitations or collateral to some of your higher-end donors, customers or prospects.
  • Accessories: Sunglasses, skull caps, bandannas and beanies – we love seeing these packaged up so they can be presented elegantly.
  • Candy and Food Items: A great way to package up a Christmas gift of chocolate truffles, for example, book packaging ensures that the candy won’t get damaged and gives you the chance to completely personalize the box it’s in.

There are a ton of uses for book packaging like this. It’s applicable for anyone who’s trying to cut across the promo product clutter, but some of the most creative uses we’ve seen include:

  • Invitations or Donor Relations: This is a great way for nonprofits or companies to invest in a mailer targeted to their highest value prospects, customers and donors. Whether it’s inviting them to a benefit or corporate event, requesting donations or launching a new product, this is a mailer that gets attention and begs to be opened.
  • Gifts: If you’re accustomed to handing out thank you gifts, employee appreciation gifts or the like, this is a great way to customize them to your company. Instead of presenting them in traditional wrapping or no wrapping at all, a book package allows you to create a presence and impact from the moment the recipient sees the gift.
  • Trade Show Swag & Prizes: Book packaging is a great way to take traditional swag and prizes up a notch. We love standing out in a crowded promotional product space with this type of packaging and higher-end impression.

Our full service design team here at Ambit can guide you through the entire promotional product process, from great ideas to meet your goals and budget to design, high-quality printing, on-time delivery and even direct mail services. Get in touch today to learn more about book packaging and our other promotional product options.

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