As a Boston-based print and creative services company that works with clients of all different sizes, we hear it all the time.

“That looks amazing, but it’s out of my budget.”

“I want to stand out, but we only have the budget for a basic printed piece.”

“I’m not thrilled with what we have, but at our quantities, I don’t think we’re going to find much better.”

And it’s our pleasure to tell these clients that they’re wrong. (It’s one of the only times you’ll hear us do it.) Automatically thinking that a unique printed piece is out of budget is a big mistake. Working with a local provider that can consult with you like Ambit does can help you work through your options, and you may be surprised that special touches, when applied in a certain way, can work for you.

We’re lucky to work with dozens of super smart clients, and when we combine our print knowledge, deep bench of vendors and creative services with their vision, we’re able to get them just the impact they want at competitive pricing. Here are five recent projects where smart thinking saved the day.

New England Revolution Season Membership Delivery
An enhanced & customized box design

custom packaging

We were excited when our local Major League Soccer team came to Ambit to get creative with their packaging for the club’s Season Members. For years, the Revs have been ordering ticket boxes from an overseas provider, but they wanted a more customizable option that would suit their specific needs.

Using our local vendors, we were able to deliver them a competitively priced solution, completely made here in Massachusetts and customized to their exact specs. The project included two different ticket box options, one that included a packet of tickets and one that included a card, with either one or two parking passes. As a local provider, we were able to work closely with the Revs to come up with creative custom packaging that would make their Season Members feel extra special.

gold foil presentation cover

InVivo Presentation Covers
Simple, elegant and affordable

InVivo Therapeutics, a Cambridge-based medical device company treating spinal cord injuries, found themselves in investor meetings showing off a revolutionary product with decidedly bland office-store quality presentations. They came to us for a solution that would give a better first impression while still allowing them to customize presentations.

By using restraint – a single color foil on a beautiful sheet of paper – we were able to create a custom, high-end presentation cover set in which InVivo can now bind any presentation. Clients often worry that they can’t afford foil or other customizations, but consulting with your printer can go a long way in making this happen. We used a single color foil–not multiple foils–and kept away from additional die-cutting or other customizations. The cover didn’t need it and the result was an elegant solution that gave InVivo just what they needed.

unique conference bag inserts

Fuze Conference Bag Inserts
Using shape and weight to stand out

We’ve all gotten the bag full of paper and brochures at a conference, so Fuze thought a little differently when planning their bag stuffer for a recent conference. Their goal was simply brand awareness: they wanted to stand out within a bag full of papers and offers, and help shepherd conference attendees to their booth.

We were able to use their logo to create a unique, die-cut insert and utilized heavy–but not expensive–stock to add texture and weight. By selectively using the customizations we knew would lead right to Fuze’s goal–recognition within a bag stuffed with rectangular brochures–we allowed them to make a quick impact.

branded coffee cups

Boston Properties Custom Coffee Cups
The benefits of working with a local printer

Boston Properties wanted to bring the Starbucks experience to their offices using their own branded cups. We were able to source a high-quality cup and lid made of recyclable material for them, but more importantly, we were able to give them minimum quantities that were much more reasonable than their office supplier.

That’s the advantage of working with a local printing company: our bench of local suppliers is second to none, and we can find a solution to any problem. Where a large office supply chain or online printer tends to have a specific path and way of doing things, we’re able to take a detour to find a solution that’s a true fit for the client in terms of budget, quality and quantities.

laptop decal promotional item

CarGurus Laptop Stickers
Simple & low-cost giveaways

To have your brand plastered on a computer that people spend 8+ hours a day in front of is a huge win, and that’s what makes laptop decals such an awesome solution. Advertising tool + promotional giveaway? It’s a win-win.

We are increasingly having customers come to us for laptop stickers that they can pass out to employees, customers and partners to help reinforce their brands. CarGurus stood out to us because the brand has a lot of affinity in the Boston startup world and the logo makes it a fun laptop sticker to receive.

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