Exhibiting at a trade show or event can create a huge amount of business for your company. In fact, a Forrester study showed that marketers considered trade shows and events the second most powerful element of their marketing mix behind company websites. They’re an opportunity to meet customers and prospects in person, which can be incredibly powerful… unless you’re standing in a tired, worn or outdated booth. Got the urge to update your trade show booth?


At Ambit, we design and manufacture amazing trade show booths all year long and we are constantly on the hunt for the elements that make booths and exhibits look current, modern and fresh. If you’re planning to redesign or just freshen up your trade show booth for 2016, here are 5 elements to add:


Lighting & Backlighting: Our own experience at a recent trade show for promotional products (in other words – marketing for marketers!) showed us how popular this trend truly is. Nearly every booth featured lighting and backlighting to highlight products and displays. Lighting and backlighting can be used to emphasize a specific graphic component or as an entire illuminated wall.


Charging Collage


Charging Stations: Want visitors to stay awhile? Give them a way to power up their electronics. Mobile devices are being used for check-ins, information exchanges, emails on the go and more on a trade show floor, and the result is big battery drain. Adding a charging station allows you to help out customers and prospects while giving you an additional branded element in your display.


Curve Collage


Curves: Straight walls, counters and square booths are things of the past. If you want your booth to look current, incorporate curves for a more sleek look that will stand out amongst the sea of square booths.


Magnetic Signage & Walls: We love this trend because it’s practical and economical. Using a special material for your booth walls, we can print magnetic images and graphics that can be removed and changed out. This means you can actually change the look of your booth from day to day or between events, perhaps showcasing different products depending on the audience or timing.


Custom Exhibit


Custom Displays: For a long time, your exhibit options were limited. You had a square booth and a counter, maybe customized with some hardware, flat screens or custom signage. But today, a true custom display that reflects your company’s philosophy in its design and feel is accessible for almost any company. By working with a printer like Ambit, which has a creative agency in-house, you can get a truly integrated, unique and on-brand event display.


If you’re considering a new event presence or trade show booth, or just looking to freshen up your current display, contact us today. For a limited time, we’re offering a FREE bonus when you schedule a meeting with us to discuss your event needs. We’ll customize the bonus to your needs – for example, a free piece of hardware for your booth, free event t-shirts or half off a run of brochures for the event. Book a meeting today to snag your bonus!
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