Do you have a tech-savvy audience at your next tradeshow? Or do you want to provide a promotional item that will stand out–either for its uniqueness or because it will be used again and again by the recipient? High-end promotional items go beyond tradeshows. They’re also perfect for making a splash as part of a 3-D mailer or as memorable takeaways at hosted events.

We’ve got a roundup of the top 10 tech promotional items for 2015. These items can be imprinted with your logo or messaging to create an impactful way to stay with your customers, employees and potential clients all year long. If you’re ready to order your promotional items, we’re offering FREE setup and artwork services on any order placed before March 15, 2015.

Promo Action Camera

Action Camera

This is a premium gift item you might consider for top employees or big customers. These cameras shoot everything from everyday to sports action at 720p video quality in a compact size and sturdy build.

Promo Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

You’ve seen the gift roundups (and the jokes!): Selfie Sticks are the latest in popular phone accessories. They allow for great group selfies or a selfie with a backdrop and serve a purpose as well as act as a bit of a novelty item. You can get the stick with a bluetooth camera shutter remote so you don’t have to set a timer, and a big engravable area for you to add your messaging.

Universal Car Holder

Car Holder

This less expensive option will stand out against other promotional items and provides an opportunity to display your logo or messaging during your customer’s commute every day. The car holder secures devices like cell phones within the car, making it easier and safer to listen to music, use the GPS or take calls.

Power Bank Combo

Power Bank Combo

For on-the-go clients, this can be a lifesaver with your logo displayed every time. This grab-and-go charging station includes a wall charger, power bank and charging case, allowing you to charge a device anywhere.

Swivel Car Charger

Car Charger

Less expensive than the power bank, this charger provides the option to display your logo while your client powers up their phone in the car. Again, this is an opportunity to communicate your messaging to customers or potential customers by being part of a useful, everyday gadget they plug into during each car ride.

Geo Bluetooth Speaker

Geo Bluetooth

Hook up your computer or phone to a wireless speaker for premium sound no matter where you are. These small speakers are a great substitute for computer speakers, useful for everything from online conference calls to playing music. A geo design allows for logo imprint that can be seen from all angles; a prominent place on the client’s desk means you’ll get your messaging across daily.

Peart Bluetooth Speaker

Peart Bluetooth Speaker

This compact package provides great sound at a low price, and includes a huge imprint area for your logo. The speaker works with both PCs and mobile phones, providing wireless sound through Bluetooth.

Rollin Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A great outdoor option, this provides true waterproof design and premium high-end sound. An imprint area around the speaker leaves plenty of room for a logo and other messaging.

Lumos Power Bank

Lumo Power Bank

The Lumos Power Bank provides power to your client while lighting up your logo and catching attention with each charge. A suction cup backing makes the charger convenient for any surface or provides a stand for the client’s cell phone.

Universal 3-in-1 Clip Lens

Clip Lens

This is an opportunity to get fun and creative with an iPhone. This easy-to-attach clip-on lens requires no extra software and provides a lens for unique iPhone photos. The lens includes a fish-eye for 180-degree photos, a wider-angle for full area photos and Macro lens for close-ups and details.

Want to take a full look at the best tech promotional items for this year? Contact us today and we’re happy to send you a full catalogue!

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