Presentation is everything. Your packaging is what makes people buy your product, visit your website, open your mailing pieces and more. Packaging is everything that represents your brand and makes people love your company. When you’re thinking about how to package up your product and put together the pieces that your customers will touch and feel, there are a few essential design tips to consider throughout the process to ensure that your custom packaging will make an impact.

1. Functionality: Before you get into design mode, think about what your piece needs to say and what it needs to accomplish. Does it need to be text heavy? Is the objective for people to open, people to buy, etc. Ensure that function is straightforward and the

2. Environment: Where is this piece going and how will someone be viewing it? Will it be sold online vs. in the store vs. delivered via mail? What type of person is going to be looking at it? Mom, Child, Business Owner, etc. Take a step and look at it from the customer’s perspective to see what makes the most sense for your packaging.

3. Go Wild: Once you’ve thought about the basics for the design, think differently. Make it stand out against the crowd by doing something different – go wild or if your competition is too wild, rein it in and go simple and classic. No idea is too crazy.
We love helping clients pieces pop with really cool, unique custom packaging. We’ve been helping Sperry create innovative custom packaging pieces to solve a marketing problem.

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