While we hope you enjoy reading our blog here at The Ambit Works, there is a whole World Wide Web out there with limitless content. The nuggets of value out there are incredible, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to sort through the madness and spend time reading the really insightful blogs that will make a difference to your business. For today’s blog, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite marketing blogs with an emphasis on branding. If you have some time, definitely check these out, as they are worth a read to help elevate your brand and bring it to the next level.

Seth Godin

This very popular marketing blog should be on your radar if it’s not already. Get your daily dose of Seth with his clever thoughts, quips and marketing tips that range everywhere on the marketing spectrum from branding, direct mail all the way to the very basics of customer service as a marketing tool. Follow his blog here.

Creative Bloq

If you’re into the visual side of branding, then you must follow Creative Bloq. With a focus on all things creative, like graphic design and typography, be sure to follow them for examples of beautiful brands. You will get tips and ideas to improve your own brand, read interviews from brand experts and get constant inspiration. Follow the blog here.

Brand Uniq

Want to make your brand uniq? Then this is the blog to follow. They address strategic marketing issues to consider BEFORE you launch your brand – particularly on the social media side of things. Here, you’ll read practical advice that you can put into action in things like your company slogan, packaging, brand placement and more. Follow the blog here.

Small Business Branding

Small businesses have a unique set of needs in terms of branding and the information that you’re getting from the big name blogs might not necessarily apply to you. For specific advice on how small businesses can implement strong branding practices, then be sure to follow this blog. The articles are contributed by a variety of small business owners and authors, so you’ll get different voices and perspectives to help improve your brand. Follow the blog here.

More Than Branding

Need a little break from all of the content out there? Check out this international blog featuring the best in branding, marketing, advertising design and more. The author gives a fresh perspective on the best in the market. She uses videos, lots of images, infographics and more. Her take on things can be a nice break from the usual and might spark some inspiration in your brand. Follow the blog here.

Brand Insight Blog

Whether you’re starting from the beginning and want information on basic branding principals or looking for practical tips on marketing strategy, then this is the blog for you. Its straightforward approach makes it very worth your time and you’ll be able to breeze through his posts to zero in on the take-aways that you’re looking for. Thea author covers everything from website conversation, content marketing, naming, advertising, graphic design and more. Follow the blog here.

Brand and Market

How does your brand translate into the real world? Read this blog for insight into a variety of topics that can help your branding efforts. The author covers everything from market research, graphic design, web development, e-mail marketing, PowerPoint presentations, PR, social media, marketing communications, and more. We love his links to helpful resources like, “Checklist for Changing Your Company’s Name”. Follow the blog here.

iMedia Connection

iMedia Connection is a comprehensive resource for all things marketing. From direct mail, social media, media planning and more, you’ll find everything you need here. However, don’t forget that their blog has a specific section for brand issues. So if you take a look, you’ll find some great information about some current brands and learn lessons from them – the good or bad! Follow the blog here.

We hope you enjoy these new blogs. Happy reading! For more branding tips, tricks and resources, be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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