Everyone wants to have the hottest tradeshow giveaway so that attendees are flocking to their booth. And, the trends are always changing! Luckily, we stay on top of the latest trends and give you a heads up so you can be the go-to booth at your next event. With the fall convention season coming up, we’ve pulled together a round-up of the best fall conference giveaways so you can order them in time for your next event.

tablet sleeve

Tablet Sleeve

This fall, tablet sleeves will be the hottest giveaway on the tradeshow floor. Whether it’s a tech-savvy professional or someone thinking about back to school time, these branded items are the perfect backdrop to display your logo in a high quality way. They’ll be using this for years to come and remember your company every time they take out their tablet!

Cell Phone Wallet

If you haven’t gotten branded cell phone wallets with your logo on them yet, fall is the ideal time to get it cell phone walletdone. These low-cost giveaways are a great handout to attendees at any tradeshow, because no one likes to lug around a bulky wallet anymore. They’ll be using your branded cell phone wallet and look at it about 50 times a day, so it’s a great investment for your wallet.

Fitness Arm Band

arm bandIf you’re looking to promote wellness as a brand value, fitness arm bands are the perfect promotional giveaway at your upcoming event. They can be used for walking, running, biking, or anyone that doesn’t want to hold their cell phone in their hand. These arm bands are the next big thing in tradeshow giveaways. People will be running to your booth to pick one up!


Stadium Cushion

With the fall sports season coming up, people want a nice plush seat, not a hard bleacher. Give them a stadiumbranded stadium cushion with your logo to cart around to kids sports games and all of the other stadiums that they’ll be heading to this fall. These are the perfect item to hand out at your fall convention.

Travel Gear Kit

travel gear kitGive attendees something to use on the way home from the convention. This travel gear kit comes with a branded bag filled with supplies needed for travel including an inflatable neck pillow, earplugs and an eye mask. These ever-popular travel kits are the perfect giveaway for any fall tradeshow that you’re heading to.

Now that we’re in August, the fall tradeshow season will be here before you know it. Contact us today to discuss the best promotional items and giveaways for your company.


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