Everyone loves to get free stuff! And, you love to give it away, right? But, really, who wants another pen, magnet or post-it note?

At Ambit, we know you want something cost effective and high-impact. You don’t want to just give out any old tchotchke with your logo on it. We know that you want to create a promotional item that is going to be the talk of the show and have a long line of people waiting at your booth – and even better, keeping your brand top-of-mind long after they’ve left the tradeshow.

Today, we’ve rounded up our favorite promotional items for the 2014 fall tradeshow season:

The Techie item:

Everyone wants the latest technology. And, it has to be something really cool and unique.20282798 One of the latest items to come our way is the silicone cell phone speaker.  Made in a variety of styles, this item attaches to your cell phone to create a booming sound system. Just think of all the uses. But more importantly, think of the crowd lining up at your tradeshow booth as you hand out these bad boys – with your logo prominently displayed so they’ll be sure to remember your company as the latest and greatest tech hub long after they’ve left the show.

The Classic:

A Cup. It’s as simple as that. Crowds go crazy for a good cup. But, think about it. You use them every day and can never seem to get enough. And, they always stay on your shelf at home, so your customers will be reminded of your brand every day. And, even better for you – there are plenty of varieties available from very simple low cost options to unique fun ideas. Choose a glass and you can’t go wrong – whether an iced-drink cup, coffee cup, water bottle, travel mug or, hey, go crazy with a glow-in-the-dark pilsner cup!

The Splurge:
promotional-item-ideasAll right, so you are willing to spend a little bit more to shell out the “must-have” item at your tradeshow? Think big. Think Now. The latest promotional item that is worth a splurge is a Power Bank. It’s more than just a tchotchke – it’s a tool that people will not only stand around waiting in line for, but use again and again at home, at work, on-the-go, or virtually anywhere.


The Eco-Friendly Option:

Appealing to the environmentally conscious audience? There are plenty of options to choose from, but our current favorite is a simple and useful one. A Jar Opener. A jar opener you say? Ah yes, simple, easy, effortless – yet it comes in handy pretty often. These minimal items create the perfect back-drop for your brand to stand out and can be customized in thousands of ways so that your company is top of mind long after the convention comes to a close.

Just For Fun:

With all of the useful tools floating around, there is also something to be said about the totally useless but fun item up for grabs. Who wouldn’t love a dartboard hanging up in their office or company board room? You can customize it with your branding so that people will associate your company with laughter and fun times (and exceptional business-sense of course)!

So, there you go! What are you planning to order for this tradeshow season? Share your thoughts on your favorite promotional items with us below.

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