Now that the weather is warming up (a bit!), The Ambit Works always sees an increase in the amount of promotional items ordered. Branded promotional items are a great tool to use with both current internal employees as well as customers, prospects and anyone else that falls in your target demographic. These items are a great way to generate excitement about your brand, continue brand awareness through the item and to keep your company engaged with your audience. Repetitive imagery is a powerful tool to keep your company relevant and top of mind. You can use them for a giveaway on social media, hand out at summer events or just keep stocked away in your supply closet for a rainy day!

Whether you’re gearing up for internal summer events, employee recognition awards, or stocking up your closet for promotional items, now is a great time to get updated on the latest trends in promotional items. Here are our top promotional item picks on trend for this summer:

golf Golf Accessories

Whatever your budget is, we have plenty of options that you can brand with your logo so those golf-lovers in the office will be remembering your brand as they tee-off. This is a great giveaway if your company is headed on a golf outing or tournament with clients or just internally. From single golf balls branded with your company logo to full-scale deluxe golf gift sets, check out the full list of available options here.


Who doesn’t love a great pair of branded shades? Imagine an office picture on Instagram with 500 smiling employees all wearing shades with your logo on them. Can you say #happyemployees? These budget-friendly items are a great option for a fun giveaway that people will be sure to use throughout the summer. Take a look at all of our branded sunglass options here.

beach towelsBeach Towels

Not only will the recipient of the beach towel think about your brand while they’re at the pool or beach, but all of the other fellow swimmers around them will see your logo and consider your brand. Everyone always loves a beach towel as a promotional item, because they can use it throughout the summer and bonus – they don’t need to go out any buy extra beach towels themselves this summer. Click here for a full look at our branded beach towel options.


From lunchboxes to full-size beach coolers, these are a great tool to consider as a promotional item for your coolerscompany. Whether you’re promoting health and wellness in the office by imploring employees to pack healthy lunches for work or just sharing the love of summer, coolers are the perfect item that people will actually use day to day and think of your company when in use. Personally, this is one of our favorite really useful promotional items here at the office! View our full list of branded options here.

travel accessoriesTravel Accessories

Encourage your employees to make full use of their vacation time this summer (because well-rested employees are the best) by giving them all fun travel accessories this summer at your next company meeting! From luggage tags, toiletry kits, neck pillows for the airplane, and more, there are plenty of options within any budget to order branded giveaways so your employees will remember you fondly while on their relaxing beach vacation (while you’re stuck in the office of course!). Find your travel items to customize here.

If you’re not yet inspired to order promotional items this summer with your name on it, browse our full catalog of possibilities here. With practically limitless options, you’ll be sure to find an option that fully represents you brand so that your target audience will continue to keep you top of mind while they’re far away from the office this summer.

And, to sweeten the deal, we’re offering a special, limited-time deal for your next order. When you submit a new order for promotional items by June 30th, you’ll get 10% off! Just contact us to get started today!


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