Here at Ambit, we love to talk about our favorite promotional items. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to develop and produce the best promotional items to showcase their brands. Most of our clients love this tool as a way to keep their brand top of mind with customers and prospects. However, there’s another audience subset that promo items are perfect for – your own internal staff.

Employees love feeling appreciated. When they feel they are valued by the company they work for, they will give you their best effort and remain loyal for many years. A happy employee is healthy for the business.  Lately, we’ve been helping clients create some pretty cool promo items for their own employees, which is a perfect way to thank them for their hard work and effort as well as garner long term loyalty.

High End Glassware

Employees loved to feel valued and if you give them something they will use in the office AND has a really luxe feel to it, that’s a win-win all around. We recently worked with Toyota on these bone china cups that they handed out to employees for their dedication and hard work. What employee doesn’t love a gift like this?


Clothes They Actually Want to Wear

Employees love a nice branded shirt, or vest, or sweatshirt, or socks…every company dynamic is different, but the bottom line is clear. Give your staff clothes they they’ll actually wear and they will thank you for it and appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into selecting it for them. Not sure what’s the best fit? Contact one of our apparel specialists to talk through it and we can point you in the right direction!


Latest Tech

Your employees love to be in on the latest digital and tech trends, so think about a branded gift that will keep them looking fresh in the tech world. We love branded items like iPad covers or stands that they can bring along to clients meetings or use in the comfort of their own home.



Laptop Decal

What is the number one thing your staff uses every day? Their laptop! For a great piece on any budget, you can print out laptop decals for everyone to make their computers feel customized and special. Who knows, they may even use them on other places – their water bottles, their desks, the options are endless!


In-Season Gifts

Summer is the perfect time to hand out employee appreciation gifts. This will remind them that you love them even when it’s not the holiday season. Doing a nice branded picnic blanket or something along those lines will build loyalty over the summer as employees know you want the best for them all year round.



Want to talk through some more options? Give us a call to discuss promo items to keep your employees happy and appreciated.





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