When you’re exhibiting at an event, you likely already incorporate social media into your live-event marketing tactics. However, with so much going on, it’s easy to brush social media aside and focus on what’s in front of your face. However, utilizing social media tactics as part of your live event marketing plan can have an impact on your bottom line. And, all of that activity makes it the perfect time to get in on the social media action and continue to build momentum and create buzz to connect and engage with your customers on another level.

For today’s blog, we’re sharing some of our best practices for using social media at conventions to support your marketing tactics.

  1. Do what you know – Don’t join Instagram 2 days before a big event and use this as a “test” to try out the platform. If you only use Facebook and Twitter, stay with those networks and use them to their fullest potential.
  2. Call to Action – Have a purpose and a point to your social media efforts on-site at an event. Do you want people to visit your booth? Attend a specific workshop? Drive them to your website? Determine your goal and put that call to action in your social media messaging.
  3. Be Cohesive – Tie your social media efforts to your current branding and messaging at the event. It should all tie in together and make sense if an attendee visited your booth, engaged with your social networks and also visited your website.
  4. Piggyback When Possible – Is there a convention hashtag people are using? Are you following the show organizer and other exhibitors? Don’t be bashful about getting into on the social media action already taking place. The more engagement you are doing, the better to blow up your social media feeds.
  5. Share Videos and Pictures – This seems like it would be pretty obvious, but don’t forget to share whatever you’ve got. Take videos – even short 5 second clips with your iPhone and share them via social. This is the perfect time to test out and see if using video on your social media platform will help boost your engagement.
  6. Giveaways/Contests – You probably already know that conventions are the perfect time to draw visitors using giveaways and contests, but remember to think ahead here. Use social media to tease the giveaways, share pictures of the prizes and even incorporate social media into the contests themselves. Maybe they need to check in at your booth on social media to enter the contest? However you decide to utilize it, make sure it’s part of the plan.
  7. Schedule in advance – We get you’re busy at conventions and all of the above ideas may get pushed back when other live priorities come up. Consider scheduling social media updates in advance so you will have some content ready to go up there in case you get sidetracked.
  8. Create a Customized Landing Page – Use this page to connect your social media campaign and track visitors coming to your website from the event. Ensure that messaging makes sense and you have a strong Call to Action on the landing page. Don’t loose them!
  9. Connect In the Moment – When people visit your booth, don’t just exchange business cards. Look them up on LinkedIn and connect with the contacts right away so they’ll remember you and you’ll be forever connected on the web.
  10. Close the Loop – Use social media networks to follow up with contacts after the event like sending them a “Great to meet you” tweet or share post-event news and info on your Facebook page.

We hope you found this post helpful. And, (in typical Call-to-Action/Close the Loop fashion), we’d love to connect with you on our social media pages. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay connected as we share useful marketing information and engage with our customers.

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