Effective marketing techniques make an impact on your audience so that they remember your brand and take the action that you encourage. At The Ambit Works, we’ve found that using variable data printing can be a very effective tool in making that initial connection with your audience. Sound fancy? In simple terms, variable data printing is a form of digital printing where you can change text or graphics from one printed piece to the next to create a personalized marketing piece for your specific customer. For example, sometimes you receive an email that say, “Hi Sally” instead of “Hi there” – variable data printing takes it a step further and speaks to recipients personally with customized text, imagery and offers based on their specific needs. (IE: a postcard with a person scrawling your name in the sand on a beach) Creating this personalization is key to grabbing the attention of your customer, making them feel like you understand their needs and getting the results you want. Variable data printing can increase response rates up to 7 times greater than conventional mail. Interested in learning more? Here are a few best practices when utilizing variable data printing:

Go With the Data

Where do most marketing tactics begin? With the data. Take a look at the data you’ve collected from your customers and see what the information is telling you. Do any trends stand out? Any major differences between customers? To ensure effective communication, it is imperative that you use only the information you have available for your variable in the printed piece. There is nothing worse than getting a postcard in the mail that seems like its speaking to your grandmother and makes no sense whatsoever or has the wrong info on it. It makes your brand look bad and turns people off from taking the action that you’re trying to encourage. In addition, don’t force the issue if it doesn’t work. If you don’t have a lot of information, put the project on hold and think about taking the time to improve your data and try it again in another few months.

Speak Personally

Customers are used to getting information personalized to their name and address, but you have the power to speak personally to your recipients using the additional data you’ve collected throughout the relationship. Variable data printing allows you to make an impact by utilizing their past purchases, personal interests or other specific traits. Talk to their geographic area, age range or gender to provide relevant content to what they want to hear and see. For example, living in the City vs. the Suburbs view buying cars very differently, as their commutes are probably very different. And, use design and images that connect to the personalized text you’re using!

Make the Most of Your Production

With variable printing, dream big. Think of some crazy ideas of what you’d absolutely LOVE to do and you might be surprised at what’s possible. From full color variable, black & white variable on offset shell or even printing static pieces for specific segments of your audience without going into actual personalization (IE: prospects, past customers, current customers, etc.), the possibilities are actually endless. You can even take it beyond and tie it into your landing pages by creating a personalized URL campaign. Think of how impressed your boss will be!

Track Your Results

As with any marketing tool, it all comes down to ROI. Take a look and see what is encouraging the most response – which lists are working the best, what offers are redeemed most often, which creative seems to make an impression, etc. And, don’t just sit around  waiting for results, but solicit feedback and gather even more information from your clients and prospects to improve your existing data for next time. Continue learning, updating and improving and make those changes for the next time to consistently improve your ROI every campaign!

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