Ask anyone who interacts with customers here at Ambit and they’ll agree: we hear a lot of apologies from our customers! It’s no surprise: printing is often deadline-driven and it’s a precise art that marketers and administrators frequently have to learn on the fly as they work on a project. But today, we’re here to tell you: no apologies are necessary. Whether it’s a rush job or help tweaking your data or images so they work for your project, we’ve got it. That being said, we’ve got some great tips for a guilt-free print experience. Let’s tackle our most frequent apologies together!

“Sorry about the data quality of this mailing list.”

We hear this all the time when working on direct mail projects with clients. Each returned mail piece or those sent out to a bad contact means wasted money–and no one wants that! We have a few suggestions for avoiding this apology–AND extra expense of bad data:

  • Bring us in on the project early. As direct mail experts, we can provide valuable insight on the quality of the data you have, the fields you’re collecting and the methodology you’re using.
  • Consider your goals. Review your target audience and decide how laser-focused you need to get and what the cost-benefit is of narrowing your list further, taking the time to collect more addresses, using a service like Every Door Direct Mail or buying a list.

“Sorry about this rush project.”

Rush projects happen! Most of the time, it’s nothing we can’t handle, but we’ve got a few tips to ensure that you’re getting the best possible quality even if the project is a rush:

  • Let us know it’s coming. You may not have a fully developed project yet and there may be details to fill in, but get in touch to tell us what you have in mind so we can prepare an expedited printing plan and give you advice on timelines and what is possible.
  • Use a consistent vendor. There are huge benefits to sticking with one printer. When a rush job comes up, we know your brand inside and out and have dealt with issues around logo, branding, color-matching and the like. We can mitigate many issues before they happen, ensuring the project goes through more quickly.
  • Proof early and proof often. Even if you don’t have a finished project, start sharing the proofs with us as early as possible so we can point out any problems and maximize the time that you have to make corrections. This is actually great advice for any print project, whether you’re in a rush or not!

“Sorry about the way our logo looks.”

Sometimes, clients come in embarrassed by their branding. Whether it’s lack of consistency or just a dated or off-brand feel, they immediately apologize for the way it looks. If you feel this way, it might be time for a rebrand. Our sister agency, Ambit Creative Group, can help make that happen with full-service design and creative services. When you’re working on a rebrand, one of the most valuable things you can do is work with your printer from the get-go so they can make you aware of any potential issues with the changes you’re making. For example, sometimes the colors used in a logo can increase printing costs exponentially, but a customer doesn’t know that until they’ve already completed the re-brand.

“Sorry about that blurry image.”

A blurry image can immediately negate all the work you’ve done for a beautiful printed piece. Make sure your image quality is perfect by taking the following simple steps:

  • Consult with us. Ask your account manager what the image specifications need to be for the project you’re working on. It varies depending on the dimensions and other factors.
  • Check out our simple guide to ensuring a crisp image to help you decide whether an image is suitable for a print project.

“Sorry… I have no idea what you mean.”

Printing is full of jargon, but this is one thing you NEVER have to apologize for! One of our goals at Ambit is to make the printing process simple and smooth so you don’t have to worry about all those technicalities. But when that jargon comes out, we hope you’ll ask us what we mean! Our goal is to educate our clients and build a long-term relationship with them, and part of that is a full explanation of the printing process and all it entails.

So there you have it: the top 5 apologies we hear every day at The Ambit Works. We hope our tips help you make your next print project a complete success, and of course, you never have to apologize to us!

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