Sure, many people like to say “bigger isn’t always better”…But actually in some cases for print, bigger CAN be better! For our purposes today, we’ll use the phrase “Go big or go home!” At The Ambit Works, we like to work with clients to find a creative outlet that makes their printed piece stand out – something unique to draw attention to their message so that their branding can really pop and stay in someone’s mind long after they’ve dropped the piece back on their desk. Today, we’re going to look at a few examples of how we’ve helped clients make an impact with their printed pieces based on the size!

In one example, we worked with New Balance on printing a piece used as a proposal for the Red Sox. Heading into New Balance Brochure Oversize 2the presentation, New Balance knew they would need to showcase their talent in a unique way to really blow the sox off the Sox. But, how exciting and unique can you really make a proposal? We worked with them to create an oversized proposal that would showcase their enthusiasm not only for the project, but for New Balance Brochure Oversizethe city of Boston itself. As you can see below, the size of the proposal is really powerful and showcases their physical passion. The readers can feel the love as they flip through the proposal. New Balance told us how amazed they were at the impact that size does have on printed pieces and what great feedback they received from the piece by everyone!



Audrey Oversize Look Book 3Another one of our clients, Audrey Design, out of Nantucket does amazing high-end wallpaper and some other really cool fabric pieces. When the time came for her to print her “Lookbook” showcasing her remarkable talent, she wanted to do something different so that people could really feel how incredible her work was. Her creative team over at Tide Rise Creative came to us with the idea of doing an oversized lookbook, so that as soon as her clients pick up the book, they can physically see and feel how unique her brand is. As they flip through the oversized images, they can get a better sense of the type and Oversize Look Bookquality of work that Audrey does and in turn, will do for them. Once printed, Audrey said that she has gotten countless praise and great feedback over the piece. To her, the investment in creating a unique printed piece that people will remember was truly worthwhile.


Behold, the power of oversize!

We think these projects do a great job showcasing the fact that little tweaks really do make a big difference for printed pieces. You might not initially think that going bigger will make an impact, but when you see the final product in all of its glory, you’ll reconsider. Either way, we can work with you to figure out the best way to make a unique impact for your specific needs and brand. Contact us to discuss your next project.

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