It’s that time of year! You take a look at last season’s trade show booth and remember how stale your design was looking compared to all of the cool, new cutting-edge booths that you were situated next to. This year, you want a completely new look with the latest trends in trade show design to make a real impact on the audience and draw a crowd to your booth. Never fear – Ambit is here! There is always time to revamp your look.

Here’s a look at some of the top booth design trends in the fall 2014 Convention season:

Mixing Different Fabrics and Materials

To create a fresh feel to your booth, consider putting different materials together in one place. Think about doing some canvas, a little bit of glossy vinyl fabrics, with a touch of stretch fabrics. Consider also using eco-friendly and green materials in your booth design to echo your company mission, if it fits. These may seem like minor changes, but when you put it all together, it really makes a big impact. At Ambit, we make sure you get the highest quality and price and partner with leading exhibit group, Orbus and checked in with them to see if they’ve noticed this trend as well. They mentioned that companies are mixing up fabrics and materials more and more, and love working with Ambit to design eye-catching booths incorporating unique elements like this for trade shows.


Using the latest and greatest technology is always a cutting-edge trend on the exhibit floor. If you don’t have it you’re out, but you need to be ahead of the curve. Now, not only think about hosting interactive displays in your digital screens, but utilize RFID and other technology to gauge attendee behavior and pinpoint specific messages on screens towards certain targets. Talk about being watched!


Lighting is a crucial element that sometimes is a last thought, but when designing your booth it should be top-of-mind throughout the design process. Lighting can create a specific mood for your space, highlight certain elements and call attention to the uniqueness of your space as a whole. Orbus mentioned to us that they’ve seen more and more in 2014 that companies focus on lighting specifically to create a unique, innovative space aligning with their brand. Whether you want to be dramatic or subdued, don’t forget to think about lighting as you design your displays!

Off-The Wall Booth Concepts

The old saying, “think outside of the box” literally applies here. Your trade show doesn’t have to be a box. It could be a dome, a tunnel, treehouse, etc. If you dream it, it can happen! To get your creative juices flowing, search around Pinterest boards for inspiring trade show booths. There are amazing images to start thinking outside of your typical comfort zone. The more unique your booth is at the next show, the more interest you’ll get from attendees.

Bonus Tip: Consider renting a trade show booth as opposed to buying up front. Typically, renting can save 50-70% and allows you the flexibility to change your display for each audience and for each show. Renting can also enable you to appear larger and more impressive than what your budget will allow.

Our friends over at Orbus have put together a complete Rental Handbook to see if this option is right for you!

So, get to it. You still have some time, but not much. Call us for an extra hand along the way – we’ll make sure your booth is on trend for the season and within budget and timeframe!

Want more information? Check out how we helped JoVE create a nimble trade show solution!

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