At The Ambit Works, we love to look back on what we’ve accomplished and share the really unique and interesting projects that we are lucky enough to work on! Looking back on the 2015 projects that we completed, there was way too many to choose from that really stand out as the best of the best. However, we wanted to share a few great projects as a nice little recap of what we worked on last year!

MPAMargulies Perruzzi Architects use only a limited number of branded marketing pieces, but the ones they do need to be really exceptional and make an immediate impact. We helped them put together a branded business card holder to go along with a really clean, refined business card. The use of these two pieces makes an immediate first impression that MPA is an innovative, sophisticated company. This is a great example of a clean, simple, sleek corporate piece to showcase a company’s brand.

We love getting involved with local projects and the Kendall Square Association’s EatUp Event is one of our favorites!  From design to final printed project, we helped them Eat Updevelop a unique aesthetic to bring their event to life. These static cling window graphics (pictured) were part of a suite of event materials were the perfect way to greet their guests arriving to the event.


MysticMost people consider The Ambit Works for business needs, but we loved working on this Mystic, CT wedding piece last year. This image doesn’t even do the final printed piece justice – the final pieces were printed on 100% cotton stock with a rich uncoated look – extremely high-class and elegant. We helped them print out 150 digital pieces, which were a huge hit for the bride and groom as well as their guests to create excitement around the destination!

When designing materials for Harvard University’s Center for African Studies, we wanted to keep Harvard Africathings beautiful and sophisticated. Last year, we helped them with an entire suite of materials, including a pocket folder with step sheets, an annual report as well as the pictured tote bag.  This project continues to be a great representation of how we work with local companies to deliver high-quality custom materials to showcase their brand.

We could go on and on, but there is only so much that we can fit into one blog. Stay posted for continued case studies and examples of our work on the really cool projects that we think up or come across our desk. And, as always, please get in touch with us to think through the unique “wow” factor on your next 2016 project!

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