Sometimes, what’s most interesting about a piece is the way it’s shaped. At The Ambit Works, we use die-cutting methods to create custom printed pieces that really wow a consumer. When someone can touch and feel something different than a standard flyer or printed piece, it really stands out and makes it stick in their mind (true to your branding goal!).

When it comes to custom printed pieces, many customers are surprised by how creative we can get. There are a million ways to shape a piece outside of circles or squares. And, the more unique you can think it, the more impact the piece has on your target customer.

Here are a few cool pieces we’ve worked on recently:


When the Warrior Ice Arena recently opened in Boston, they wanted to create a commemorative ticket that people would hold onto to remember the special occasion. Our team designed and printed this ticket shaped like the arena with giant hockey stick for New Balance as a special way for ticket-holders to celebrate and remember the opening of the new Boston Bruins practice and training facility! Both New Balance and the ticket holders were beyond thrilled with the final product!


Boston’s Third Rock Ventures was looking to develop a brochure that reflected their company brand so people would remember what they are all about. We worked with them on a unique look and feel, creating a compact brochure filled with lots of great content that would make an impact. This hexagon shaped brochure folds out into 6 pages helping potential prospects engage with their brand in a way they can touch, feel and remember. At completion of the project, Third Rock Ventures has seen incredible feedback from the piece!

If you’re thinking about how to make your next printed piece stand out from the crowd, contact us to discuss unique die-cutting ideas!


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