Summer is in full swing and that means people are outside. Walking, driving to the beach, riding bikes…you name it. That gives you even more of an opportunity to get your brand in front of these potential customers! For the summer months, you can get pretty creative with outdoor signage to catch the attention of your target audience. So today up on the blog, we’ve pulled together our favorite summer signage ideas!

a frame summerA-Frame Sign

These are the perfect summer sign so that everyone will see your message from both sides. A-Frame signs are traditionally used as sidewalk signs, but can be used anywhere you want people to see your message. These are also a great summer option, because they are completely portable and can be moved around from place to place as needed. A-Frame signs come in a variety of materials and sizes that also fit your budget.

Outdoor Banner Stand

For something a little bit different, such as if you want a really large or tall sign, outdoor banners aroutdoor bannere the way to go. Again, these are great because they can be customized to your size preference, you can move them around or put them away as needed and they are built to withstand the outdoor conditions like harsh sun and rain. You can also bring these inside if needed during the winter and use all year long!

Wind Dancer

wind dancer summerIf you want something with a little more movement, these Wind Dancer outdoor signs are great. You can customize sizes, print on both sides and get your message across quickly to people driving by. These signs are very popular in the summer months and create a great welcoming message for any new clients and your regular visitors!


Information Stands

Want people to take information to go? Add on a literature rack to your outdoor poster and voila, outdoor signyou’ve got an information stand that will capture the attention of your audience as they walk by and also create an area for them to grab more information to bring home with them! These are the perfect outdoor summer signage for any business looking to get in front of people walking by.


Looking for more signage ideas? Check out our catalogs with a variety of signage ideas or contact us today to chat about the best sign opportunities to make an impact!

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