Printers around the world have seen huge changes to their business as the digital world has raced forward, but here at Ambit, we’ve truly been on the forefront of the print/digital divide as a printer that’s spent more than 20 years right in Kendall Square, arguably one of the world’s greatest innovation and technology hubs. Working with growing startups, established tech companies and institutions like MIT, we’ve rapidly expanded our offerings beyond traditional print to include cross-media marketing solutions, digital marketing and most recently, a full creative agency that deals with non-print projects as easily as they deal with print projects.

While digital is a necessary and impactful part of any brand presence, there are a variety of areas where print really shines in a digital world.

  • Direct Mail: Less frequent use means more impact. DM can allow you to break through the clutter of a crowded email inbox and when done properly can outperform digital channels by 600%. Using print strategically can help drive home digital messaging–for example, direct mail campaigns in an area combined with targeted AdWords and Facebook campaigns to the same geographic area.
  • Long-Lasting Reminders: Part of the beauty of a digital brand is its fleetingness. Website visits last just a few minutes; online ads flash by in our news feed in seconds. Research has shown that messaging presented on promotional products are recalled by nearly 80% of consumers. Here at Ambit, we mail out desk calendars that our clients look forward to every year to provide a long-lasting reminder of our brand.
  • Community Presence: When it comes to reaching a community–the people who live, work and play in a particular area–a physical presence is hard to beat. Great signage or impactful literature is most effective if it’s on brand and creates a presence in the community.

The third objective is the one we were tackling for The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority when we were tasked to redesign their logo and some of their print materials and signage last year. For years, they’d operated under the city seal and they were ready to establish a brand that better established the presence in and impact on the community. Working hand-in-hand with The Ambit Works as a printer, Ambit Creative Group established a fresh brand, redesigned collateral and project signage that provided the CRA with a strong offline presence in the community.

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