Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’ve got matters of the heart on our  minds, and we know that your business is always thinking about its customers. Now’s the perfect time to spread the love and demonstrate just how much they mean to you by showing your appreciation. Valentine’s Day is an unexpected but fun time to send customers and prospects fun gifts that take a professional take on the holiday and remind them they’re appreciated. We’ve got a couple of great ideas to show your customers some love this season!

How do you love your customers? Let us count the ways….

Send Food/Goodies

Sending a nice gift of food – whether it’s a gift basket of snacks, a box of cookies, ome nice candy or otherwise, is a great way to make sure customers know you are keeping them top of mind. Personalizing the packaging and sending a custom creation is the best way for customers to feel the love and think of your company.

Scratch Off Postcards

Give your clients the opportunity to hit the jackpot! A fun idea this Valentine’s Day is to send out scratch-off postcards with prizes and discounts or opportunities for them to win. They will love the surprise of getting something fun and unique from you and will be touched you thought of them this season! It’s actually a win-win for you both!

Send Handwritten Cards

Sure, a Christmas card is expected, but clients will be pleasantly surprised to get a personalized handwritten card from you. Whether it’s a card of thanks, a card for a unique holiday (January 28th is “Fun at Work” day!) or a “just because” note, the fact that you put a little bit of time into writing something personal will go a long way.

Give Branded Swag

A hat, gloves, t-shirts–people LOVE getting branded swag these days! Showing off your brand is something that your clients will love and you get the benefit of displaying your appreciation while expanding your brand footprint! For maximum exposure, choose something on-trend and high quality to ensure that the customer’s excited when they receive it and puts it to good use. Our team at Ambit can help you select the most current and on-trend options within your budget.

Give them a Loyalty Discount/Freebie

Depending on your product or offering, a great way to demonstrate your appreciation for long-term loyalty is to offer up a discount or freebie for your clients. Whether that means an upcoming 10% off on their next purchase, or Free Gift with their next visit, loyalty programs are great for showing appreciation to your dedicated constituents and also garnering additional sales. Valentine’s Day is a perfect tie-in to launch this type of program, which can be done online or via mailings like postcards or nicely packaged but inexpensive swag items. Already have a program In place? Offer a Valentine’s Day bonus!


Show “heart” by making a donation in their name to a local nonprofit! It could be a percentage of sales from Valentine’s Day or another way to tie in the holiday. Regardless of how and when you do it, donations are a great way to honor clients and show them your appreciation and devotion to a charitable cause.

Want to chat about finding a unique way to show your appreciation to your customers…or prospects, or employees for that matter? Feel free to call our team of specialists anytime to talk through the best options for your company and your needs!



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