As a printing vendor, we are often involved in client rebranding, but that involvement usually comes towards the end of the process, when they reach out to us to include their new logo and brand standards in their marketing materials, letterhead, promotional items, trade show booths, direct mail pieces and other printed assets. A rebrand typically involves the reprinting of many printed assets, in fact, and that can often translate into a large and costly project. But we can save our clients money on their rebrand–if they let us in on the project early enough.

A great advantage of the clients of our sister creative agency Ambit Creative Group is their connection to us for consultation on how the print side of their creative project will translate. But even if you’re working with an outside creative agency or an internal team for your rebranding, involving your print vendor from the get-go can save you serious cash in the end.

Let us have a peek at that logo. The size and number of colors you’re involving may seriously affect the cost of printing things like letterhead, envelopes and more. If you involve your printer as you narrow down your choices, we can advise you on how it will translate to print and whether there’s a cost differential in your choices.

And as part of our “proof early, proof often” mantra, presenting us with your drafts for printed brochures, marketing materials, booth designs and other items can help us advise you on the most economical way to keep your brand intact. Perhaps the unique direct mail design you’re planning to launch your new branding will increase your postage costs, for example. We can help come up with creative alternatives, or at least allow you to budget for the difference.

Avoid color surprises. Part of your new brand identity will surely be refreshed colors – and very specific ones at that. We have many stories of a client reacting with surprise when they see how a color on their screen really looks once it’s printed on plastic, paper, cardboard and other materials. By involving a printer from the get-go and talking about what you plan to use the colors for, the printer can advise on printing methods, how the branding will look in particular situations and overall color management, ensuring that your well thought out color scheme remains true in all applications.

How about deadlines? If you’re looking to launch a rebrand in time for a trade show, event or grand opening, we can advise you on what’s feasible on a particular timeline or what will need to be rushed, saving you from having to go back to the drawing board when you realize a particular design can’t be manufactured on your timeframe.

HA_catalogHow will operations run to get your newly branded items where they need to go? Clearing out the warehouse of your old branded items is a tough enough job, but how about planning what you need to order for new items? If you’ve got several offices or locations, how will everyone get what they need? Not to mention the nightmare of ordering new business cards for everyone. A printer – especially one with a good e-procurement and online ordering system – can be a business solution, not just a manufacturer. They can provide an end-to-end way to get everything you need, in the quantities you need it, and involving them early allows you to have realistic deadlines and plans for delivering on your rebranding.

So much of a rebrand involves a visual presence, but few companies consider including their printer in the rebranding process. Doing so can save you time and money, and help you make educated decisions about your brand’s visual presence that will also keep you within your budget.

Rebrandings can often run over deadline and budget, but involving your printing vendor from the beginning can help avoid these losses. Learn more about how one Ambit client, Haley & Aldrich, kept their rebrand on deadline, under budget and in focus with Ambit’s help. Click below to download the case study.

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