As you know, we always like to share interesting and unique pieces or projects that we’ve collected. Today we’re looking at direct mail pieces that encourage action to get results. When you send out direct mail, you’re sending out a physical piece for your customers to feel and touch, so it’s the perfect time to really WOW them and give them something to remember you and your brand.

These pieces that we’re looking at today each have specific unique elements that make them stand out, all with an interactive factor! So, if you’re looking for inspiration or a fun idea thinking outside of the box, check out these options:



IMG_4514Get your customers attention with a mailer that makes them do something! As you can see below, this simple piece was sent in the mail with “PULL” tabs so that customers need to pull it out to read the rest of the mailer and find out what it actually was. Hiding some of the content with an element of surprise is a fresh way to get the attention of your customers. It got our attention.

edited pic 1



This tear-out style includes a full design and illustration portfolio connected with a business IMG_4516card for one streamlined piece. We love the perforated edge to tear out the business card at the end of the piece giving one clean, simple look with all of the information in one place! For an interesting take on your next direct mail piece, consider how to incorporate a tear-off business card option.



IMG_4519If you’re looking for a unique way for your customers to keep some info in-hand, using a peel-off option is another way to do just that! In this example mailer, the University is using a peel off technology for students to remove discount cards that they could bring with them to take advantage of the offer. We love the way this piece uses the peeling element to encourage their customers to take action and keep the vital information at hand to encourage results!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to spice up your next direct mail piece. At The Ambit Works, we love helping you incorporate that WOW factor into your piece. Whether it’s your use of color, or folding technique, there are plenty of unique concepts to take your project to the next level and encourage your customers to take action!

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