Effective marketing means reaching your audience where they live – whether that’s literally with a strategy like direct mail, or to their digital world. In the past several years, we’ve seen a huge increase in customers asking us to facilitate cross-media marketing campaigns, where their print campaigns have a digital component like an email campaign or a personalized URL (PURL) for maximum impact. One of the biggest challenges cross-media campaigns face is the friction required to move from one medium to the next – essentially, getting a target to make the jump from the printed piece to, for instance, entering a PURL on their mobile device or scanningĀ  QR code.

So when we see a new opportunity to marry digital and print worlds that may reduce this friction, we jump on it. Lately, we’ve been exploring the possibility of RFID technology in print products to provide a very cool, customizable digital experience that’s practically seamless. If you’ve got an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with this technology, which powers the Apple Pay experience.

RFID (radio frequency identification) utilizes technology called NFC (near field communication) chips that can be embedded practically anywhere: phones, mobile devices, or even between stiff layers of paper in a business card, printed piece or print advertisement. When you tap your phone to an NFC chip, the chip is able to instruct the device to take actions like opening a video or text message, opening a browser to a specific URL, adding a contact or even using a built-in voice system to have your phone say something to you. (Pretty cool, right?)

Here are some of the uses we’re seeing come down the pike with RFID technology in print:

  • Business Cards: A nice, thick business card will make an extra impression when your contact can tap his or her phone against it and get you added into it right away. Use the card real estate for other marketing messages and transfer your contact details electronically.
  • Interactive Advertising: Walk by an RFID enabled posterĀ or open up an RFID-enabled ad in a magazine and tap your phone for an interactive experience. Perhaps a URL automatically opens to allow you to make a discounted purchase, or a text message pops open for you to text your friends to meet you at a local restaurant for dinner. Advertisers will also be able to make their ads literally jump off the page by adding a video, which will automatically open and play when you tap your phone to the ad.
  • Direct Mail or Promotional Piece: Adding URLs or coupon codes to mail and promotional pieces? Include an RFID and when the recipient taps their phone, the URL will automatically open and prompt them for the information you need. Or, add a video message to further describe the product, service or testimonial.

The possibilities for using this technology to give print campaigns and marketing materials more texture are as limitless as marketers’ imaginations. If you’re looking to add new dimension to your marketing campaigns, contact us today for cross-media marketing options and our trackable digital solutions!

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