Some of the most fun inquiries we get from clients are around promotional products and branded apparel. Companies are always looking for ways to make their brand stand out, and a great piece of clothing or a fantastic giveaway can make a true impact and lasting impression.

We’ve gotten the low-down from our favorite industry contacts and scoured the trade shows to find the very best and latest in branded apparel, and we’ve put together a quarterly report featuring our very favorite items to inspire you for the coming season. We’re seeing two major trends emerge:

08charlesriverWe’ve written about the athleisure trend before¬†and it’s sure to stay strong in 2016. Athleisure is a style of clothing that has gotten a lot of buzz lately. It straddles the divide between working out and casual wear, looking equally as good in the gym or running errands. It’s no wonder that these versatile pieces are a top pick for companies to put their branding on. When deciding whether to keep a promotional item, consumers consider usefulness and attractiveness. Athleisure addresses both!

Read more about our favorite styles and fashions in the Quarterly Trend Report.


Health & Wellness Items

go_stakWellness and self-care continue to be a rising interest to Americans. As workdays creep into personal life, we search for ways to balance it all and strive to remain healthy and active while also staying connected.

Many companies have placed an increased emphasis on movement, health and wellness at a corporate level, installing gyms, subsidizing health coaches or running 5Ks as a company team. Work hard, play hard has never been more true as we focus on experiences, emotional well-being and making the constant blurring of work-life boundaries work for us.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that health and wellness items are surging in popularity as giveaways, both as part of employee reward and recognition programs and as event or client freebies.

For a rundown of our favorite health and wellness trends, check out the Quarterly Trend Report.

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