If you’ve been following the recent tech news announced by Apple, they’ve made some big changes to the new iPhone 7. Along with it being water and dust-proof (yes!), one of the biggest changes is that there isn’t any headphone jack – driving the future of wireless products, such as wireless headphones. As always, we at Ambit look at this as a marketing opportunity for your company.

To align your business as a tech company ahead of the curve, there is a huge opportunity for branded gifts and promo items relating to wireless products. If you get a jumpstart on this trend, your customers, employees and prospects will be using these wireless products long-term and remember your brand every time they pull them out to listen to music. To get some inspiration started, we’ve pulled together some hot trendy options in this category:


Put your brand on these amazing stereo-style headphones where your logo will be displayed on both sides of the wireless headphone.




Go wireless with these athletic headphones designed for sports and other physical activities. The connected remote allows the user to control what they listen to – the perfect updated branded wireless option to go with the iPhone 7.




For a classic behind the neck look, these streamlined headphones allow you to talk on the phone or listen to music connected to your iPhone 7 while subtly displaying your logo.





The carrying case, which also works as a charging station, is the ideal place to display your logo so people remember your brand as the one who provided the latest technology to work with their new iPhone 7!





For corporate travelers, this wireless earbud system is great for on-the-go with a built in microphone and volume control…and perfect for displaying your brand.



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