At The Ambit Works, we love executing on really cool and unique direct mail projects – ones that will stand out to the audience and they’re excited to tear open when receive it in their mailbox! Today on the blog, we wanted to share a few of the fun direct mail projects that we’ve worked on recently so you can get some inspiration for ways to think outside of the box!

Hand-Written Addresses

hand written1stack of mailersSure, we’re a printing company, but we can write just as well as we print! We recently mailed out 10,000 (yep that’s right) hand-written mailers containing 3-D glasses as part of FinancialForce goal to generate leads. Overall, hand addressed mail is a unique way of sending out a mass direct mail piece to encourage higher open rates, which has been shown to achieve over 90% open rates!


Mailer Add-On

jenz picWhy box up and package your delivery? Why not staple it to the outside of the mailer and showcase it before they even open it? We recently completed this mailer for Jenzabar that involved stapling a packet of seeds on the outside of a postcard and then sending it off in a clear envelope so the recipients can see what they’re about to open. This certainly was thinking outside of the box!



High-End Mailer

sperry picWe love working on really high-end, classy direct mail pieces. In this case, Sperry needed to deliver their quarterly Authenticity Kits to retailers to showcase the value and uniqueness of their products. To stay true to their brand, they sent out this box of materials that demonstrates firsthand the high-quality and attention to details that Sperry is known for.  If you want to grab someone’s attention, high-end details are certainly the way to do it!


We hope these projects gave you some inspiration for potential direct mail pieces in the future. If you’re looking for some great ideas to think outside the box on your next direct mail piece, our team is here to brainstorm with you. Contact us today to WOW your customers.

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