Spring is in the air…well in New England, it can flip flop quite a bit while we get out our warm clothes. But, we’ll take anything! For marketers, that means moving the marketing outside. There are a variety of ways to attract your clients in the outdoors and we’ve got you covered here. Today, we’re checking out some of new outdoor signage opportunities that you can use to get in front of your customers.

Café Barrier: It’s not just for cafes! This indoor/outdoor signage can be used to define areas or dictate traffic flow in places like restaurants, retail, museums, events and more! You can really get your brand front and center with multiple signs put together in a customized way for your needs.



Stowaway: They call it a Stowaway for a reason. This sign is an extremely lightweight version that you can carry around in a bag for indoor or outdoor use. It even comes with ground stakes to keep it in one place while you are outside. We always love outdoor signs that can be easily moved around depending on your needs and this one is it!


Monsoon: Portable billboard that you need to move around between on the ground or up on buildings? If you think it didn’t exist, think again. We love this semi-portable billboard that you can print on one side or both. It comes with both ground stakes and a bungee rope so you can move around as needed. Not quite as portable as the Stowaway above, but it’s a great option for outdoor signage to make an impact!

Parkway: If you have any lighting structures on your property, definitely consider this Parkway sign. It’s a perfect way to get in front of your customers as they enter your space (or elsewhere!). When you’re working on branding, it’s always nice to use something a little bit different to really attract the eyes of your audience and these work perfectly!


Outdoor Flags: A staple for any company that wants to attract attention outside, outdoor flags are perfect for any budget. There are a variety of sizes, shapes, print options, so anything you want to customize, you can.. Get one or get 20 to spread your message across the outdoors!


Tents: For anyone looking to create a branded space that they claim as their own, tents are perfect! A classic outdoor signage option that has been “on trend” since forever, tents are great to help any business define their space and get their brand message across at the same time.


Want more outdoor branding ideas? Click here to view our entire event tradeshow catalog or contact us today to talk about the best signage options for your company.

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