When most people hear custom packaging, they instantly think of a fancy presentation meant to catch your eye and stand out from everything else. And while this is definitely a true – and effective – use of custom packaging, it’s actually useful for so much more. In fact, we look at custom packaging as a problem-solving device. It can stand out from the crowd, but it can also get materials where they need to go efficiently, double as a display or even provide you with an opportunity to get materials back and close the loop on the communication.

Here are some of our favorite custom packaging projects – and the problems they solved for our clients.

Breaking Through the Clutter with Custom Marketing Packaging

When delivering seasonal promotional packages to retailers, our client Sperry sought to find a way to get its retailers excited about the collateral it was sending. Prior to working with Ambit, Sperry was sending the information over in traditional packaging – plain boxes that gave little indication of what was inside. Now, we create a custom package for them that arrives at the retailer and immediately generates excitement, before the box is even opened. Each package reflects the seasonal theme and is designed to inspire the retailer to carry out Sperry’s vision for the season.

Making an Impact with Well-Organized Documentation

We work with a lot of life scientific companies who, when running clinical trials, need to deliver important documentation to their trial participants. This information can be delivered generically, but a custom package can provide more of an impact with the participant community (or any audience to which you’re delivering). A great custom package also serves as well-designed housing for extensive documentation, as many of these trials require, ensuring that your participants have what they need at their fingertips.

Closing the Communication Loop & Providing Product Delivery

Custom packaging offers you the opportunity not just to deliver something to your audience, but also to get something back from them. We work with clients who need to deliver medical kits to hospitals – but they also need to get materials returned to them. We’ve designed great custom packaging that not only houses the kit, but also provides a return package for the materials the hospital needs to send back. This eases the burden, cuts down on packaging and increases your chance of closing that communication loop.

Providing an Effective Point of Sale Display

For companies that are displaying a physical product in retail, the importance of a beautiful display is hard to understate – and a POS display needs to be both easy and effective for the retailer, and cost-effective for the company, while also selling the product. That’s why we love custom packaging that doubles as a POS display for the product. A great custom packaging team (like the one we have here at Ambit!) and a lot of imagination can create some really stunning displays that are economical and do a great job showcasing the product to shoppers.

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