Lately, we’ve been sharing tips and ideas to improve your direct mail campaigns. From taking a close look at the list, to direct mail inspiration, we’re all about helping you improve your ROI in direct mail, which is certainly having a marketing comeback in 2016! Now, customers are looking for personalization and taking time to read the communications that you send them in person that they can touch and feel. The more personal the better, as we’ve even seen in terms of variable data printing. So, today on our blog we’re sharing a simple tip (that we hope hasn’t been a secret up until now) for how your company can improve their open rates to 99% on your next direct mail campaign. Here it is:

Handwritten Mail

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Yep, it’s that easy! Our friends over at Letter Friend  have shown that hand addressed letters with a real stamp can get up to a 99.2% open rate compared to a 56% open rate with traditional direct mail. Why, you say? Customers notice the details. They can see it’s not a printed address or even a script print looking like handwriting. It’s an actual person writing out their address and return address and affixing a stamp themselves, prompting them to wonder who could be sending them snail mail. Frankly, it’s something different and unique and gets your customers attention. And, they will see it as actual mail, not junk mail. So, when they do open it up and see that it’s from a company, they are more likely to read it and appreciate the time and effort that you put into sending it out.

Whether it’s a thank you note to an existing customer, a new prospect mailing or a postcard to current clients and customers, handwritten campaigns have been proven to actually work and get the results that you’re looking for. Customers aren’t won over by flashy graphics and bright lettering all of the time, but rather something that is set apart from the crowd and customized to them specifically. Handwritten letters do just that!

So, how does it work? Letter Friend works with clients to launch a customized handwritten campaign – whether you’re looking for actual letters and content, sticky notes or just the outer envelopes, they can get it done.  In fact, we featured their work last fall, when one of our clients mailed out 10,000 hand addressed pieces containing 3-D glasses.

Want to talk about your next direct mail campaign with The Ambit Works and Letter Friend? We look forward to discussing how we can help improve your open rates and increase your ROI.  Contact our team today to discuss your next project.

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