At most companies–likely at yours–the marketing team is focused on new customer acquisition. They are laser-focused on delivering leads and converting customers, but a shift in philosophy to the delivery of sales ready leads can increase marketing ROI and shift your sales revenue results.

As you’ve probably experienced, leads come in at a variety of stages, and they’re not all created equal. Most start simply seeking information, whether they’re researching the industry or seeking our more info on your specific offerings as they look to make a purchase. For a sales rep to focus on a lead at that point doesn’t always make sense.

Statistics show that 79% of incoming leads never convert into sales, and that 70% of the buy cycle is complete before sales engages with buyers. At the same time, only 10% to 15% of new leads are considered sales ready. To pursue all of these leads equally negatively impacts marketing ROI while wasting the sales team’s time engaging with opportunities that won’t come to fruition.

The answer to this issue? Nurturing leads until they’re sales ready and implementing an engagement program with them to start a dialogue with prospects before they realize they’re ready to invest in your product or solution. A cross-media marketing strategy in which you utilize all your channels to communicate with customers is the best way to do this and to provide prospects with high-value content that nurtures them into being sales ready leads.

So, how do you do this without overwhelming your marketing team with a complex series of steps for each prospect? And why is a printing company like Ambit talking about lead delivery?

Because direct mail, collateral and other pieces in which we specialize are so often a part of the marketing campaigns our clients undertake, Ambit now offers a marketing automation system that makes running a targeted, personalized and impactful marketing campaign simple and accessible.

We can now create campaigns for clients that include direct mail, email, personalized landing pages, digital adveritising, different paths based on the recipient’s response (or lack thereof), notifications for sales reps and other features–all of it automated and requiring very low maintenance so that you can focus your energy on the leads that are ready to buy. Mail pieces, email and other marketing media go out automatically through Ambit based on time or action triggers customized for every campaign.

Whether you’re creating a campaign in advance of an event or trade show or you’re providing your marketing team with a consistent drip marketing opportunity in which they can enter a lead and the lead automatically receives a series of targeted emails, direct mail pieces, invitations and other marketing collateral following their introduction to the company, Ambit can create the campaign and deliver the marketing materials without your team having to be involved in the administration.

The result is leads that reach your sales reps at the right time in the prospect’s buying process and a prospect list that is familiar with your offerings thanks to the delivery of impactful and useful information at just the right time.

Check out marketing automation in action with a case study about how Gateway Health Plan worked with their printing company to create a personalized drip marketing campaign that more than doubled response rates for their campaign as compared to traditional direct marketing response rates.

For more information about how The Ambit Works can put together an automated marketing campaign, email me at or call us at 617-876-3688.

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