As a client of Canon USA here in Boston, we’re always excited to see what kind of technology they’ll be releasing next to provide better, faster and more efficient printing and digital options to our customers. Once every five years, Canon presents some of their upcoming technology at the Canon Expo in the Javitz Center in New York, and Ambit staff were there this year to see what’s coming up.

The big focus at the show this year was on images. Whether it was taking, displaying, manipulating or interacting with images, Canon is coming up with technology that’s going to make our visual experience with print, TV and other digital media even more realistic and interactive. Here were some of our favorites:

Canon new technology camera

8K Camera Setup

Take a look at this set. If you’ve done any video work, it’s an over-the-top nightmare: textures, harsh and dark lighting and lots of movement. Not so for the 100% 8K video setup with camera, lens and displays that Canon is working on. 8K provides just about enough resolution (33 megapixels) that the dots aren’t perceptible by the human eye at about 20 inches on a 52″ TV screen. We were able to check out the display on this difficult-to-film set and it made a huge difference as compared to the 4K commercial setup that is currently considered top-of-the-line.

canon new technology

Mocked Up Baseball Stadium – TV, Movie & Still Photography Equipment

No, this wasn’t our night off at a ball game: this was a stadium mock-up right at the show. While Canon created it to show off their TV, movie and still photography equipment, what we were most amazed by was the backdrop. Even on the set, it looked practically real, but in actuality, the crowd, scoreboard and other backdrop elements are simply printed panels put together. For a printing company, this level of resolution is an exciting glimpse into the future.

canon new technology

Versatile Collaboration System 

For use in home, medical and office settings, this futuristic scanner allows for the rapid capture of images and information on the spot. The system allows the user to scan documents such as IDs or medical cards and the system could immediately pull the necessary information. One easy-to-understand real world usage is speeding up the process of filling out forms at a medical office by simply scanning insurance cards, IDs and the like.

As a large Canon client here in the Boston area, it’s always exciting for us to see the technologies of the future. Canon continues to work on creating higher quality prints faster with less downtime, and this will provide increased efficiencies and quality for our customers.

For more information on the technology showcased at the Canon Expo, explore their online exhibits.

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