We hear it from clients all the time: wading through the vast expanse of the marketing landscape can be confusing and difficult. No longer a simple formula that leads to guaranteed results, marketing requires careful consideration of channels, demographics and ROI. It all boils down to one thing: how to cut through the clutter and be effective.

At Ambit, we advise clients in all things marketing all the time. Determining the best way to execute on a client’s marketing plan is part of our consultative approach. That being said, an educated customer is our best customer. That’s why we’ve put together a list of marketing resources for Massachusetts businesses. From in-person resources and seminars to the best way to use the USPS in your favor to innovative digital marketing ideas, these resources will help spark your marketing creativity as you work on putting together your marketing plan.

  • Massachusetts Small Business Development Center: This free resource for small businesses actually goes beyond marketing, but getting marketing advice is a great way to utilize it. Make an appointment for a consult at an area office or view their list of training seminars to snag a spot at seminars on topics like email marketing, direct mail, basic website development and more.
  • New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA): The local association for direct marketing initiatives has a variety of great training events, conferences and seminars. Follow them on social to snag the slides from recent presentations and valuable marketing advice.
  • USPS Every Door Direct Mail: The post office is the stalwart of the direct mail industry and delivering an impactful direct mail piece can still be one of the most effective ways for many businesses to see ROI on their marketing efforts. The USPS EDDM online tool can help you visualize how many prospects live in the area you’re targeting and figure out your budget for a mailing.
  • Nectafy Blog: Moving to the digital realm, local inbound marketing consultants Nectafy put out some awesome content on digital marketing strategy in a fun and readable tone. (And while you’re racking up the marketing resources, check out their list of marketing podcast recommendations for when listening is easier than reading.)
  • Hubspot Blog: Here in Boston, Hubspot is the digital marketing elephant in the room. Whether you subscribe to their inbound marketing software or not, their blog contains a bevy of amazing information for digital marketing efforts, including ideas for blog posts and email subject lines, valuable e-books and templates and more.

So we’ve given you some of our favorites – now it’s your turn. Share with us your favorite marketing resources in the comments!





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