In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in companies that are interested in providing promotional products that are made here in the USA. The trend makes sense: according to a report from Ask Your Target Market, 54% of Americans say they try to buy American-made clothing and accessories. Providing promotional products and branded apparel with a “Made in the USA” tag on them may even help to increase your brand image as a company devoted to supporting the country’s economy and creating jobs.
Standards for an American-made product are stringent. As a local company, we at Ambit love when our clients want their branded items to be Made in the USA, and we’re highly familiar with the standards for this designation as well as reliable suppliers to get high-quality, ethically made and competitively priced promotional products and branded apparel.
Looking to go “Made in the USA” for your next promotional product? Check out some of our favorites!
cuff links and charm bracelets
Branded Jewelry
We work with a local supplier that manufactures a variety of beautiful┬ámetal jewelry to showcase your brand or logo. Options include cuff links, charm bracelets, coins and more – all made right here in Massachusetts!
made in the usa mug
Eco-Friendly USA Made Products
Looking to stand out with something a little bit fun? We work with a USA-Made vendor that provides eco-friendly products made of materials like corn plastic. We love the Cookie Dipr for a fun novelty item, and their Corn Plastic Commuter Mug (shown here in heart shape!) for an everyday use item.
water bottles
USA Made Water Bottles
Water bottles are perhaps one of the most popular promotional items we sell–and with good reason! People love to get them and use them again and again. We work with a USA Made water bottle manufacturer that focuses on American jobs and environmental friendliness and provides a variety of beautiful bottles, either with fun designs or in a rainbow of colors where you can create your own look.
made in usa hats and bags
American-Made Hats, Caps & Bags
Hats, caps and bags are extraordinarily popular promotional items, and when they’re made in the USA, it brings them up a notch! We work with a manufacturer in New Jersey to source high-quality hats, caps and bags emblazoned with your logo and branding.
american made custom flags
Made in the USA Flags
What’s more American than a flag? Whether it’s an American flag or a state flag, ceremonial flag or stick flag or a custom flag with your company branding, we work with a Chicago-based company that provides American-made flags and accessories of all types.
Interested in learning more about Made in the USA standards and our full array of American-made promotional products and branded apparel? Get in touch with our solutions team today!
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