We spend a lot of time on the blog covering the latest topics around marketing, printing and sales. But as local business owners, we’ve got a lot in common with many of our clients – and that includes some of the challenges around running a business. Business leadership and working with people is perhaps one of the hardest skills to master, and so when we were lucky enough to hear a keynote from legendary business owner Marcus Lemonis, star of “The Profit” on CNBC at the Advertising Specialty Institute conference early this year, we knew we had to share it with you. Lemonis shared some great leadership tips and advice.

In his speech, Lemonis emphasized something you don’t often hear business leaders talking about: being vulnerable and true to yourself as a way to help the relationships you have with your employees. He offered up a few tips that we thought were great food for thought for our fellow business owners:

Be Your True Self: Lemonis revealed some tough issues from his upbringing that he says color many of his business decisions. He considers these vulnerabilities his greatest assets, and says that they’re the best way for him to relate to his employees.

Hire Smart: Lemonis recounted that many of the managers he sees at businesses he’s investing in seem to hire someone a rung below them, assuming that will protect their position for longer. This couldn’t be further from the truth, he says. Instead, he suggests always hiring the brightest and best, put value on the people that work for you and let them do their job.

Be Aware of Your Financials: In the end, financials should drive everything you do, especially hiring. Lemonis says the first step for many business owners is just getting a handle on financials through simple software like Quickbooks, and then allowing those to guide you though all your decision making.

As a local company, we rely on the relationships our employees have with our clients as a major driver of success. We pride ourselves on hiring smart people who are dedicated to making sure that every project and every relationship is nurtured, and who put a face to the Ambit name. Stop on by, Mr. Lemonis. We think you’ll like what you see!

For more with Marcus Lemonis, check out this short interview!

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