Trade Shows can be important sales events, but by nature they’re incredibly competitive. In a sea of trade show booths, what’s the best way to make yours stand out? Add in something new and impactful for this year’s shows in order to make a statement at your next event. Today’s trade show systems allow you to have a single branded booth with signage and accessories that are easily updated with new graphics for a refreshed and targeted look.


A fabric lightbox takes a traditional pop-up sign to a new level by adding ambience and light to the display. These signs are easy to set up, lightweight and simple to transport. Once you have the basic system, it’s easy to swap out graphics from show to show or year to year to best fit what you’re promoting. The added glow allows you to differentiate your booth from the others around you and they look fantastic. They’re also great for lobby, retail and wall-mounted uses, which allows them to do double duty when they’re not being used at shows.

Indoor/Outdoor Banner Stands

Many of our clients look for increased value in every marketing purchase they make, and investing in a banner stand that works both indoors and outside is a great way to achieve this. While indoor retractable banner stands are an easy, lightweight way to display the latest graphics, ensuring that your stand has a weighted base to withstand wind and other outdoor conditions means you’ll be able to use it in a wider array of promotional opportunities.

Snap Edge Frames

Snap edge graphics systems are a fantastic way to ensure your trade show display has a ton of versatility over the years. These displays, available in a wide variety of sizes and even backlit options, allow for the quick and easy change in graphics on any sign. Just snap the frame open, remove the current graphic and replace it. This is an inexpensive way to maintain flexibility for your booth and to refresh your look. If you’ve got a basic branded booth, adding graphics in snap edge frames that are specific to the product you’re promoting or show you are at are a great way to target your sales and marketing.

iPad Stands

Whether booth visitors are filling out forms, answering questionnaires, placing orders or watching demos, iPads and tablets have cemented their place in the trade show world. Provide them with their rightful place on an iPad stand. You can choose a simple metal stand for maximum versatility, or a tension fabric stand to include branding and color to the iPad display.

Literature Racks

Literature rack tradeshow display

Trade shows are a great opportunity to get impactful printed materials into the hands of potential clients or customers, but there’s nothing worse than a flat, messy table littered with brochures. Give your literature dimension and make it a part of your display with a literature rack.

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out the Exhibitors’ Handbook. Here, you can find a full selection of trade show display options, setup videos, graphic templates and other resources. Contact us today for a free consultation on your trade show needs!

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