It’s officially crunch time for corporate holiday card and gift ideas. But how do you ensure that what you send doesn’t get lost in the holiday card and gift shuffle? By making it extra-memorable.

Every year, we go on the hunt for the hottest trends in holiday cards, gifts and promotional products. You can check out our picks for hot holiday gifts in our Q4 Trend Report, available for FREE download by clicking here.

On the topic of cards, this year, one of our favorites is the Video Holiday Card, which makes a true splash with a 4.3″ LCD screen that can play a video up to 1GB in size. Record your holiday video and greetings and send it to your customers for an amazing surprise! Get in touch with us for pricing and details on this option.


Looking for something more traditional? Ambit has hundreds of cards available for online personalization and purchase at our Holiday Card Store. You can browse, check out your favorites and get pricing on any quantity you want. Once you place your order, you can trust that your cards will be up to the high quality, personal standards that Ambit stands by.

We’re offering 20% off your holiday card order for a limited time with code EMAIL20. Plus, check the website for specials like Free Return Address Printing. In the meantime, we’re rounding up our favorites to get you inspired to create your company’s perfect holiday greeting!

Just click the link below each of our favorites to check out the personalization options and pricing!

Boston Corporate Holiday Cards

View all Boston holiday cards here.

As a local company that works primarily with Boston-based clients, we love the idea of providing a regional touch in our holiday greetings. This is the perfect way to show pride for your home city with recognizable landscapes and beautiful winter scenes.

boston holiday card

See personalization and pricing for Make Way for Ducklings Card

charles river holiday card

See personalization and pricing for the Charles River Card

Calendar Cards

View all Calendar Cards here.

Calendar cards are a fantastic way to stay around throughout the year for your clients and partners. While the card is festive enough for the holidays, it also becomes a useful quick reference on the bulletin board throughout the seasons. Look for a card with holidays and observances listed to be extra useful!


See personalization and pricing for the Red Barn Holiday Calendar Card

holiday calendar card

See personalization and pricing for the Four Seasons Holiday Calendar Card

Die Cut Cards

View all die cut holiday cards.

Die cut cards take advantage of a finishing technique – a cut-out in the front flap of the card that gives a peek inside – to personalize the card with your company name or logo while also presenting a more high-end feel.

die cut holiday card

See personalization and pricing for the Die Cut Wreath Card

die cut holiday card

See personalization and pricing for the Die-Cut Snowflake Card

Logo Cards

View all logo cards here.

Personalizing with your logo is the fastest and easiest way to gain brand recognition and cut through the clutter. But it doesn’t have to be cheesy. Align your logo with a high-quality card and modern design for the best results.

logo holiday card

See personalization and pricing for the Snowflake Logo Card


See personalization and pricing for the Seasonal Collage Logo Card

Photo Cards

See all photo holiday cards here.

Holiday cards with photos aren’t just for families. They’re a great way to put a face to your business, whether you’re a brick and mortar location with regular face-to-face interaction or a business that rarely sees clients in person. Either way, a photo can help with that personal connection everyone craves during the holidays.

photo holiday card ornament

See personalization and pricing for the Ornament Photo Holiday Card

corporate holiday photo card

See personalization and pricing for Corporate Holiday Photo Card

Miscellaneous Favorites

We couldn’t just pick a few! We curated a selection of other favorites that might appeal to you depending on your aesthetic, customer base or sense of style. Enjoy!

tech holiday card

See personalization and pricing for Tech Wreath Holiday Card

doctor holiday card

See personalization and pricing for Stethoscope Reindeer Holiday Card

skyscraper holiday card

See personalization and pricing for Whimsical Skyscraper Holiday Card

joy paperclip holiday card

See personalization and pricing for Joy Paperclips Holiday Card

christmas tree chart holiday card

See personalization and pricing for Christmas Tree Chart Holiday Card



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