As brands continuously focus on making events “experiences” and creating a cohesive office culture, we’ve seen lots of clients come to us seeking our help with environmental graphics. Print is, in fact, a relatively fast and inexpensive way to update the look of an office or to brand an event – and in fact, in many cases it provides a temporary or easily changeable visual option. From wall decals to custom signage, The Ambit Works and our creative team at Ambit Creative Group can help create a branded environment through print. Some of our favorite ways to use environmental graphics include:

environmental graphics custom sign

Engaging Your Team

When a client approaches us to do a project that ALSO involves one of our favorite local sports teams, we are all in! Infinity Pharmaceuticals approached us to help create custom signage for their team to help track progress on a project, and we made them a football field complete with New England Patriots colors and Bill Belichick’s trademark catchphrase: “Do Your Job.” This creates a central visual point in the office and allows the team to engage offline and stay motivated.

athletic department mural

Using Your Bragging Rights

Sometimes visual representation is a great way to boast without using words. We loved it when Belmont Day School approached us to do a mural that featured photos of some of their school athletes to adorn the wall by the athletic department. Instead of using visuals that simply represented the sports, these photo decals brought additional personality into the school’s athletic program. Wall decals are also removable, so you have the opportunity to update as you see fit without completely painting over or re-doing the mural.

cambridge event signage

Branding an Event

Creative signage and custom packaging can be an amazing way to create a branded environment at an event. In partnership with our creative agency, Ambit Creative Group, we created signage for the Kendall Square Association’s Eat Up fundraiser that went well beyond table drapes and cardboard signs to immerse the attendees in the event’s branding. Custom packaging can also be used for this purpose, even in small spaces like retail point of sale.

2015-06-04 12.58.36

Bringing Corporate Culture Alive

Ever walked into an office and knew exactly what they were all about? While the foosball table or the high-end espresso team may have something to do with it, more subtle but effective messaging may be found in the company’s decor choices. From paint color to furniture color to the decals on their walls, we love when clients consult with us on how to brand the interior of their office. While we’re not interior designers by any means, we know how to develop and manufacture creative, custom solutions via wall decals or custom signage. This is a great way to get logos, messaging or even mascots up around the office without spending a fortune on custom-painted murals.

fenway score board mura

Being Awesome

OK, admittedly, kids’ rooms aren’t part of our core business here at Ambit, but we couldn’t resist sharing this special project we did. How cool would this be for an office or retail environment? Go Sox!

Ready to think about branding your office or event using environmental graphics? Get in touch with our team today. Whether you’ve got a fully fleshed out concept or just an idea, we can help you from start to finish or at any point in the middle!

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