When you exhibit at tradeshows, you want to make the most out of your time and investment. Measuring your return on investment can seem like a big mountain to climb, but when you set yourself up for success at the beginning to measure your ROI, you will reap more rewards than just the positive effects from the tradeshow itself. By defining the success of the event and measuring the return that you’re getting from it, you will be able to learn what’s working and what’s not, validate the work that you’re doing and prove to the higher-ups that your work is making an impact. Today on the blog, we’re sharing some tips to ensure positive ROI on your next tradeshow:

Create a Trackable, Full Automated Marketing Campaign

The key here is trackable. Start out by thinking through your marketing campaign to these folks. How will you engage them pre-show, on-site and post-event? And, how will you track them throughout the campaign? To set yourself up for success to measure ROI, you’ll want to make sure to implement a trackable marketing solution that will provide you with real-time feedback about the actions that your customers are taking. Today, there are many software solutions and partners available to work with on execution so you can focus on your prospects and customers.

Pre-Show Awareness

Once you have your marketing campaign set up with tracking, you’ll want to start engagement ASAP. Engagement with tradeshow attendees starts long before they set foot on the exhibit floor. But, how do you reach them? To get a head start on positive ROI, you’ll want to generate pre-show awareness and make sure everyone knows you’ll be there. Get ahold of this upcoming year’s attendee list (or as many are not available, use last year’s list) and put your marketing campaign into action – direct mail, email, social media, etc. Tell everyone about the awesome stuff you’re doing at your space and get them excited to visit you. Many software solutions can also work on setting up on-site appointments so that you’re already setting yourself up to make the most of your time on-site at the event. This way, you’re also increasing the number of quality prospects on-site rather than just quantity. And, be sure to follow up with customers to remind them of their appointments via email or text message so you don’t lose them!

On-Site Engagement and Follow Up

When you set yourself up for success, the on-site part of the event should be a breeze. You already have qualified prospects seeking out your booth to engage with you and plenty of traffic heading your way. The real work starts once the show ends and you focus on the follow up. Again, if you set yourself up beforehand with automated emails ready to go, you’ll be able to make timely follow up contact with all of your prospects right away and track to see if they are visiting your website, or to see what part of the sales process they are in. Work with your automated trackable marketing solution to see what sales are being closed as a result of the tradeshow and what actions your customers and prospects are taking.

Want more info about software programs that provide targeted, impactful communication and tracking your results? Our in-house marketing team can work with you to put together a trackable marketing campaign that clearly demonstrates the ROI of your next tradeshow. Learn more at: http://theambitworks.wpengine.com/services/marketing/ or contact us today!



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