This fall, we’ve talked a lot about attracting the audience at conventions through giveaways and the right booth design. However, we know that an effective event marketing strategy is all about the follow through and what happens once attendees enter your booth. Your company will be most successful when attendees are interested and engaged about learning what you have to offer and continue to think about your product after they’ve left.

Here are a few ideas for engaging visitors at your next convention:

Live and Digital Interactive Demonstrations

Whether you have a live speaker or digital workshop in your space, make sure you are providing an interactive learning experience for your customers. By offering several different options, attendees can learn about your brand the way that they like to absorb information.  At Ambit, we’ve helped clients create unique iPod stands and digital display units for their exhibit space. Some companies even offer attendees the opportunity to engage with presentations via their smartphone after the conference has ended.

Keep a Full Arsenal of Marketing Materials

You come prepared to these events to ensure that you’re providing all of the information that attendees want – from full brochures, one-pagers, etc. But, don’t forget about the attendees that might want the information electronically as well as hard copies. Consider making your marketing materials available on thumb drives or via QR codes for the green attendees.

Utilize Technology to Drive Leads

You’ve got your lead scanner or iPod in hand to record their visit and take down their contact information, but consider utilizing their technology and helping your customers follow you on your social media networks or subscribe to your email list. They might even live tweet about your brand on-site! If you can get attendees to proactively engage with your brand, they’re more likely to be an inbound lead, rather than having to chase them down post-event.

Have a Conversation

One of the key sales rules is to drive home the lead, but in the convention environment, don’t forget to smile, converse and learn from the attendee, even if it’s not your target customer. The real key to engaging visitors at your booth is to really connect with them on a personal level. The more they speak with you and remember you personally, the more they are going to remember your brand after they’ve left the tradeshow.

Ambit will be your partner through your tradeshow season, whether it is talking through the booth layout, marketing materials or more. Learn more about how Ambit has helped clients with trade show marketing needs by checking out our Luminoso case study.

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