It’s great to dream big – everyone should reach for the sky. But, in today’s world, with budget constraints, most people know that not everything can be done all at once. Many of our clients ask us for advice on how to make the most out of their budget and create the most efficient marketing program possible. At Ambit, it’s our goal to help clients create the most valuable marketing programs on whatever budget they’re working with. So, today on our blog we have some tips that we’ve learned along the way for how to create effective marketing programs on small budgets.


Create one great marketing piece, rather than to produce a bunch of lower-quality pieces. For example, use your budget to design and print an exceptional, impactful brochure that highlights your brand and really stands out, rather than to stretch your budget towards 5 or 6 collateral pieces. We see a lot of clients trying to do too much with too few dollars and if you focus your budget on one amazing piece, you’ll see a return.


Yes, spending money sometimes is the best way to stretch your budget and help create the results you want for your company. Hiring outside experts when you can’t do something yourself is an efficient way to get things done without wasting the time and talent of your internal staff or hiring a new person to fulfill the responsibilities. For example, if writing your blog is getting in the way of your sales efforts, then consider hiring an outside consultant to write those blogs for you and keep the team focused on where their talents are best used.


Time is another huge factor that plays into an effective marketing plan. Networking and engagement with your customers and prospects really does take a lot of time, but on the plus side – usually very little or no budget. Whether you are attending networking events, engaging via social media, blogs or websites or joining local clubs and organizations, the time will pay off. Consider taking 20 minutes every morning to read relevant articles and blogs and take the extra few minutes to reply in comments or share on social, etc. Every little bit goes a long way as long as it’s consistent.

Create Great Content

Spread your message out there at no cost by creating great content that your audience wants to hear. Whether through your social media sites, blog, email, newsletter, website or otherwise, there are plenty of resources that help you disseminate your message to your target audience. The more relevant and engaging the content is, the more it will organically spread and help build your brand awareness.

So, get out there and amp up your marketing plan with the budget that you’re working with you! We believe in you.

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