Using multiple channels to drive sales is nothing new, but these days, many marketers leave print out of the equation, favoring digital. And their loss is your gain: while less print marketing goes out to consumers, it now stands out better than ever. But like any marketing initiative, print needs to be part of a larger marketing plan. Check out our top suggestions for driving sales with print marketing initiatives!

Use Direct Mail as Part of an Integrated Strategy

Direct mail remains one of the most popular print marketing techniques, and with good reason. Advancements in the way we deliver direct mail pieces through Every Door Direct Mail and better targeting for list data provide us with a more economical way to reach the right consumers, while variable data printing and digital printing provide us with economical and effective ways to personalize our communications and garner attention in a crowded inbox.

We love using direct mail as an integrated part of a digital strategy. Targeted direct mail to raise brand awareness is fantastic, but thinking outside the box, consider using direct mail for prospects that you’re marketing to through other channels. For example, a follow-up mailer to a customer or prospect that’s come in through your website is a great way to reinforce your brand while knowing that you’re already familiar to the customer. This also provides you with a great opportunity to make a more impactful mailer by spending more money, because you know the lead is targeted and already “warm.”

Print can also be used at various points in the sales pipeline: to provide additional information, samples or coupons to generate interest, or to thank the customer post-sale. For more ideas, check out our full library of direct mail inspiration, statistics and more.

Coordinate Print to Amplify the Impact of Your Social Campaign

Few people associate their social media campaigns with print campaigns, but the fact of the matter is that they go hand-in-hand. Thanks to the incredibly powerful demographic targeting available through social media, you can similarly target your social audience the way you can with a direct mail or event audience. If you’re planning a social campaign, consider reinforcing the messaging and branding through print. This is especially helpful in cutting through the social clutter.

Ideas for this range from a simple direct mailer to the same geographic/demographic area you’re targeting in your social campaign to collateral that match and reinforce the branding and messaging in your social campaign at associated events or guerilla marketing tactics. This provides a way to gain impressions with your target audience and to ensure that the print marketing you’re doing is targeted and supplemented by other channels.

Drive Online Traffic & Garner Social Fans Through Print

Print campaigns can be an excellent way to drive online traffic and convert prospects into social media followers and fans, which provides you with a way to continually market to them effectively and relatively inexpensively on the digital stage. The traditional way to do this is providing coupon codes or personalized discounts via direct mail or collateral you’re handing out at events.

We’ve also seen some fantastic campaigns that entice prospects to become social followers and sign up for email lists with the promise of coupons for free product in the mail. This is a great way to draw in a digital follower and then land in their mailbox to solidify your brand relationship.

Driving consumers from print to digital can be super challenging, so we recommend making it as easy and motivating as possible for the customer to move from the printed piece to mobile or the computer. Luckily, technology makes this possible! We love QR codes and PURLs (personalized URLs) to help the offer feel personalized and to measure results on your initiatives.

Provide an Emotional Connection with Promotional Products

It’s a fact of marketing and life: everyone loves free stuff. Swag and promotional products are a fantastic way to connect consumers with your brand and to ensure that you remain top of mind and don’t get tossed in the trash. Promotional products come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of price points – you’d be amazed at what we can put your logo on! We recommend coming up with a variety of promotional items to have on hand, from small freebies to hand out en masse to premium products to reward loyal customers or connect with hot prospects.

Promotional items are gifts, and they provide you with a chance and an excuse to make a personal connection with the customer, whether that is a 10-second interaction in a vendor booth, an excuse to drop by their office or a personal letter or card along with the gift in the mail. We’ve got tons of promotional product inspiration in our library!

Use Print as Part of a Cross-Media Marketing Campaign

At The Ambit Works, we are full service. This means we provide creative, print and, believe it or not, online marketing. Through our system, you can create a full cross-media campaign with interactive emails and print pieces, timed to your specifications to each lead. Conducting a coordinated cross-media marketing campaign via both email inbox and mailbox is a fantastic way to reinforce your brand. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Cross-Media Marketing for more information on this technique.

Supplement Your Traditional Advertising Efforts Through Print

We’ve already talked about supplementing your digital ad campaigns with print, but what about traditional advertising? If you’re doing an ad buy of billboards, newspaper/magazine space, or airtime on TV or radio, you’re laying out a significant amount of money to create impressions and brand awareness. Thanks to the fantastic data that advertisers have access to now, you can easily create a direct mail or cross-media marketing campaign that targets the same demo as your ad buy and creates an opportunity for additional impressions at an incremental cost.

As you can see, print media and marketing is a great way to build on the marketing channels you’re probably already using and to generate additional opportunities to connect with a target audience you’re already speaking to. Looking for advice on the best way to integrate print into your marketing channels and ad campaigns? Our expert team can provide creative, on-budget plans for campaigns of all types and sizes. Get in touch today to discuss your marketing channels and where print fits in!

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