As we open up a new year, many of us will be reconsidering our branding strategy. Your corporate identity¬† – from your website to your letterhead to your business cards – can truly affect the first impression of potential clients and other contacts. And while many now store their contacts electronically, we have found that most professionals and business owners still like to have their business cards on them. In many cases, they choose to order fewer cards but make the ones they do hand out particularly impactful. We’ve rounded up some of the most cutting-edge business card ideas for 2016.

Layered Silk Cards


Layering cards is an amazing way to create not only a thick, sturdy card but also to provide a textured, impactful visual. Layered cards allow you to use at least three different layers of stock, with the middle layer often being different from the top and bottom. The result is the opportunity to do creative things with your brand colors. In the purple card above, pulling the tab reveals an on-brand offer in the middle layer. The red card provides cut-outs that reveal silver below.

Cold Foil Cards

Cold Foil

These silkcards represent a new and popular card stock. A metallic finish on the stock creates a chrome effect with any ink printed on it, providing an eye-catching design and 3D style visual. For additional customization, these cards can also be embossed, die cut, have scratch-off aspects and endless other finishing options.

Cotton Cards


For lots of brands, retro or organic looks are on-target and cotton cards are the perfect way to achieve this. This is a particularly good choice for a “handcrafted” brand and can be minimalistic or extravagant depending on the finish. They’re rarely used, so they provide extra impact. They also provide a soft texture that isn’t found with typical business cards. Custom finishing options about, including debossing, custom die cut, foiling and more.

Spot UV and Foil Cards

Spot UV

Spot UV creates a gloss finish over any element it’s placed on and can be added “blind,” utilizing the color underneath to create a ghost gloss image. The foil catches the light, creating a shimmer or shine when the card is moved. Printed on silkcard, these spot UV and foil treated cards are smooth to the touch but can be embossed, perforated or even created with custom variable data for each card.

Suede Cards

metallic ink

It’s tough to see in a photo, but if you hold a suede card, you know the difference. These are a luxurious business card option that’s perfect for higher-end brands. Paired with radiant foil, you can create a sharp, 3D image that makes an impact both by touch and visually.

Raised UV & Dusting

Raised UV and Dusting

Another unique finishing effect, raised UV and dusting provides an opportunity to make your logo and brand colors stand out along with texture to the card itself. Dusted UV provides a glittery, pearlescent finish–essentially raised UV with color glitter¬†accents. This option provides a more sophisticated level of UV and colors for increased impact.

Metallic Ink


Metallic ink uses silver and gold spot coloring for classic-looking cards with the additional feature of shimmer. These cards are particularly elegant and a twist on the traditional business card option while not being overly complex. Added features like a die cut, as seen in the cigar card above, foiling, spot UV or other options can make the card look even more custom.

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