Custom and novelty socks have been spotted on the runway and the basketball court in recent years, and this summer, fashion-forward men and women are even showing off their socks with sandals and shorts. According to Footwear News, novelty socks are destined to be a huge trend for 2018, with fashion designers pairing these outsized personality socks with… believe it or not, stilettos.

Make your brand a part of this trend with gifts of custom socks. We work with Strideline to create amazing custom socks for our clients. These socks are high-quality and comfortable but also allow the wearer to make a statement. In terms of creating brand affinity, this is a great, subtle and fun way to bring your branding into an outfit in a way that people will notice and love. (Aside from your logo, you can also snag socks with fun themes, like the Boston skyline!)

We love using custom socks for a variety of reasons:

  • Outfitting a street team for events
  • Serves as a creative, trendy avenue for showcasing a particularly stimulating or unique logo and brand
  • An add-on gift for an apparel purchase
  • Team gifts for employees participating in events, like golf tourneys, field days, road races or recreational sports leagues
  • Brands seeking to convey fun or cheekiness with promotional products
  • Socks as part of a swag bag or gift pack

Interested in checking out custom socks for a unique and on-trend promotional item? Get in touch with us today for a custom quote and ideas!

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