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In 2015, most companies are engaged in some sort of email marketing–to varied degrees of success. A fantastic, content-rich email campaign can be an incredible tool for lead generation and customer contact. But if you’re looking to turbo-charge a marketing campaign, combine email marketing with direct mail to grab the attention of your top prospects.

One of our clients, CollegeWeekLive learned this firsthand with a cross-media campaign we worked with them on last year. They combined an impactful direct mail piece with a targeted, personalized email follow-up campaign to open the door to some of their top prospects who’d previously been difficult to reach.

If you’re frequently communicating with your customers through email, why bother with direct mail–a more expensive, involved and complex marketing channel? Put simply, direct mail done well truly cuts through the clutter, as CollegeWeekLive discovered with their campaign. As marketing budgets are cut and companies rely more on electronic communications, each piece of mail has the potential to make more of an impact.

In CollegeWeekLive’s case, a simple combination of direct mail with personalized follow-up emails proved successful in opening doors with potential customers that had previously been closed. But there are a variety of ways to effectively combine direct mail with other channels for a more effective and integrated experience for the target audience.

Engage with Mobile

Utilize QR (quick response) codes or NFC (near-field communication) tags to allow the recipient to jump directly from your direct mail piece into an online experience. Consider doing more than directing them to your website or landing page; instead, provide them with a special offer, piece of content, video or other value-add.

Bring the Campaign Online with Email

A simple email follow-up that’s well-integrated into the direct mail piece is a great way to keep the consumer engaged. Checking in to see if they received the piece, following up to see if they have questions or reiterating offers or information bring the direct mail experience online and provide you with an opportunity to cut through the email clutter.

Personalize with a PURL

While many direct mail pieces will direct the reader to a website, variable data printing allows for a unique personalized URL (PURL) to be printed on each individual piece. The PURL then displays a personalized offer or information unique to the recipient, providing an extremely targeted online experience stemming from an impactful direct mail piece.

Employ Impactful Direct Mail

While direct mail is a less cluttered space than online marketing, there’s still lots of competition for attention for your piece. Consider taking advantage of unique printing options, as CollegeWeekLive did with this three-dimensional mailing piece. High-quality materials, vivid colors and a tactile experience can help your piece stand out in a crowded mailbox and boost the ROI on your cross-media marketing strategy.

Integrate Direct Mail into Drip Marketing Campaigns

Drip marketing is practically a standard strategy for most marketers at this point. Receiving a specific series of emails after filling out a form about your interest or taking specific actions on a website is standard operating procedure, so stand out by adding a direct mail piece to the drip marketing strategy. By reaching across two mediums during a series of communications on a specific topic, you can make a special impact.

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