When considering what to order for branded promotional products, many of our clients try to think about items that everyone in their target will find useful. (That’s why you see so many mugs and pens out there.) But one area is often overlooked: travel items. The majority of your customers, prospects, clients and employees do, in fact, travel at one time or another, whether for business or vacations. In fact, the National Travel and Tourism Office reported that 66 million Americans traveled abroad in 2016, an 8% increase over the prior year. Millennials especially are interested in seeing the world. The American Society of Travel Agents recently found that 80 percent of millennials took at least one leisure trip in 2016, usually more.

So, to help keep your brand relevant to those who’ve caught the travel bug, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite travel promotional items to keep your company top of mind as clients and prospects explore the world!

Travel Steamer

A branded steamer to take on the road is a perfect promo item, because it’s budget friendly for you and something that your target customers will always need, but won’t necessarily think to buy for themselves. They’ll keep this close to them in their hotels and remember your brand as they iron their threads.

 Compact Travel Kit

Lull them to sleep on the plane with this set of earplugs, an eye mask and a blow up neck pillow – all branded with your logo in a nice drawstring bag. Your clients will dream sweet dreams of your company.


Accessories Case

Travelers know the pesky problem of wires getting tangled up among all of their other tech supplies or travel gear. Luckily, they will LOVE the fact that you got them a branded accessories case to keep it all organized!


TSA Travel Lock

Compliant TSA locks are a pain to track down and find, so travelers likely don’t have their own, but will be overjoyed that you were able to gift them a branded one! These are great budget-friendly options to use as giveaways passed out at events or conventions.


Lightweight Blanket

Planes can be chilly and plane blankets less-than-sanitary or non-existent on many flights these days. Your clients and prospects will love the fact that you gave them a branded blanket they can tote with them on their travels – wherever that might be!


RFID blocking wallet

Privacy is more important than ever these days, particularly when it comes to identity protection and mobile devices. When it comes to protecting identity and credit cards, RFID blocking wallets are always a great idea. They block the RFID waves that are transmitted by the chips in your credit card to help protect you from identity thieves. Any traveler will delight in the fact that you gave them such a useful promo item.


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