What kind of resources do you arm your sales team with when they go out on the road, staff a conference or pick up a phone? If you’re selling a multi-faceted product with a variety of different benefits, as our client CollegeWeekLive does, creative sales materials can make all the difference in how effectively your sales team can talk about what you can offer.

CollegeWeekLive was looking for a unique way to provide its sales team with resources about their platform that connects college admission offices with students and prospects online. They wanted to arm their team with a variety of easy-to-access case studies that they could reference depending on the size, type and needs of the school they were speaking with. They also wanted them to have statistics and numbers right at hand when speaking to the prospects.

While this type of information usually sits in a binder, a file on the desktop or even an internal Wiki at most companies, CollegeWeekLive wanted something that would be top of mind for the sales rep and that could even be utilized in in-person meetings for a quick client presentation. Inspired by the flip chart menus you often see tabletop at restaurants, CollegeWeekLive turned to Ambit Creative Group to make this unconventional sales presentation format happen.

Exploring a variety of formats for your sales resources can help your team be more effective. Some of the more unique formats we’ve seen for internal sales team resources include:

  • Tabletop Flip Charts
  • Wall Posters
  • ROI Calculators (these often sit on an internal webpage)
  • Question Trees to help identify prospect needs and provide appropriate responses and resources

Looking to arm your sales team with tangible sales materials they can use to help prospects and close sales? Contact us today with your ideas, or to hear some of ours. We can make nearly any format happen and ensure that your team has the right resources at their fingertips. We can also provide on-demand printing of sales materials to help you manage your collateral and ensure that the right materials go out to the right prospects at the right time.

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