Business cards: they’re a basic staple of doing, well, business, and no matter how much technology we take on to manage our contacts, the simple card still seems to be the fastest, easiest and most effective way to exchange information in many settings. In many ways cards–simple and classic–are timeless, but there are a few business card trends that we’re seeing for 2016.

Whiter, Brighter & Heavier

The classic white business card never goes out of style, but for awhile people were veering towards colorful backgrounds to make their cards stand out. Today, we get lots of requests to go classic with bright white stock and bold lettering. Because business cards need to survive the trip home or to the office to be entered into an electronic contact management system in many cases, lots of clients now request thick, heavy stock for hearty cards that stand out in the stack.

Back with an Impact

For many years, a business card was a one-sided affair. Then, we saw lots of print on the back. Today, customers are looking to make a visual impact with the back of the card. We’re seeing a bold, on-brand color on the back of a white card, often featuring the logo as well. Pro tip: If you’re considering this, work with your printer to select the right stock and print method, because the color can otherwise rub off onto nearby cards in the box.

The Layered Look

A subtle pop of color can be achieved around the band of the business card by layering stock: a bold color layered between two layers of white stock. (This also provides great thickness.) This method also helps facilitate RFID technology for transferring contacts.

Elegant Shapes

While the rectangular business card is always popular, we are increasingly seeing more elegant shapes like squares, diamonds and rounded edges on the card.  The shapes stand out a bit and can give an upscale look to the card.

A Finishing Touch

Color isn’t the only way to add a rich visual punch to your cards. Add texture with engraving, which means¬†creating a textured image or lettering stamped right into the card. You can also emboss the card, which creates a raised image, or use foil stamping to provide texture and color.

Lower Quantity, Higher Quality

Many people are much lighter business card users than they’ve been in the past, and smaller quantities like 50 or 100 cards can last for months. As such, we’ve focused on still providing high-quality cards even in smaller quantities, as opposed to resorting to cheaper printing techniques. (Though, of course, we still have lots of heavy business card users ordering 500 or 1,000 cards at a time!)

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