PowerPoint. Just the word is enough to make many marketing managers weep at the loss of their brand guidelines and those who have to create them bang their heads on their desk in frustration as they try to make them look good.

Picture this: you’re presenting in a huge conference room to a group of executives. You’re San Francisco’s Transamerica Pyramid building with with unobstructed views of the city lights. And your audience sees this:

ugly ppt 1(credit)

(The presentation is over. They’re blind.)

Or this:

ugly ppt 2

(The 90s called. They want their PowerPoint slides back.)

Bad PowerPoint presentations are distracting and unprofessional, which is why when our client gave a similar presentation, they shared a beautiful slide deck designed by Ambit Creative Group.

As a company providing full-service marketing and print services to our clients, the dreaded PowerPoint is one we’ve come upon more than once at Ambit. That’s why we’ve developed a headache-reducing solution that provides businesses with a beautiful, on-brand presentation.

Why should you outsource your PowerPoint slides to our creative team?


By providing the business with a template, you can ensure that the proper brand guidelines, including color and font, are used. This means no old logos, ugly formatting or “close-but-not-quite” color matches on presentations.


A custom designed PowerPoint deck provides a slick professional look that is visually appealing and helps the presenter stand out.

Fewer Headaches

Our team of creative professionals can create a unique and on-brand visual presentation so that marketing managers don’t have to spend their time designing PowerPoint slides.

Control of the Presentation

Many people don’t know how to properly use PowerPoint. Cardinal sins include too much text, distracting animation or bad readability due to text size, font or contrast. By providing a template, you can control the presentation and give the presenter the best possible PowerPoint.

If you’ve got a PowerPoint issue at your office (who doesn’t?), get in touch with our team to hear more about how we can save you valuable time and resources–and make you look like a million bucks while we do it!

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